Saturday, February 4, 2012

As Much As I keep Trying

I must admit the idea of blogs have always unsettled me, sitting giving my opinion in short burst to annoy is one thing. Spending an hour trying to figure what type of dribble people like to read is another. I guess thou my days of trolling on the Religious and Spirituality section in yahoo have long come to and end, and my rants on twitter have become less rebellious and more shooting mindless words in a stream of obsessive views on vegan salad.

So I come to you, what is it that you people want to read? Is is others peoples drama? Would airing out my dirty laundry of my sexual encounters to the world be the selling point to visit me when ever I decide to write another one of these. And by the look of my last post three years is not a good time lapse. Should I stick to my bad poetry about fluffy bunnies and hugging trees? Should I shed my soul onto these pages to show I'm a caring sensitive human being who love his mother earth, splash pictures of fields and children running. I've also seen kittens work...

Well I am only playing with this idea, if you like it tell me what you want. If not I'm just going to post naked pictures of my ankles and write star trek sonnets.

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