Sunday, February 5, 2012

Trying By Any Means... A bloody Nancy drew Mystery

You could say I lived an interesting life, or you could call it a struggle, either way both work for me. I was a misfit worthy of an island full of them, that is why i spent most of my life searching for such a place. I did find it, but that comes later in the story.

To some my life short, I (Drum roll) (as shocking as this will be) am like many who came from a messed up home. Born and raised in a small patch of wheat called Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. You could say it's bigger then a one horse town but no different in mentality, as most places were in the 70's and early 80's, I was your typical eccentric child. Acted too old and having sex at a very young age, thought I was pretty smart I did. The ego and arrogance of youth, still now I tend to shake off those little nasty habits.

Where was I, yes the stupidity of believing I knew everything.

Well from day one of understanding my surrounding I decided that the best action for me was to take care of myself first. I struggled growing up, had some issues with sexuality, found I was an emotional wreck from day one. Parental Issues and substance abuse issues before the age of twelve. You know your run of the mill everyday preteen adolescence...

I always knew I was different, not because while my friends dreams were owning a john deer tractor, or buying a truck so they can spend their evenings cruising up and down the same main drag every night showing how desperate and also how bad their music and life choices really were. No it was the fact that I had this grande illusions since I was five believing I was of some importance. Believing that the world has been laid before me, and must make my way sampling the fruits and drinking from the nectar of life. The thing was that as I started to get older, I started to noticed that the world around me was not what I was use to, I felt as if I was switched at birth and for some reason I was taken in by commoners. Hoping that any time my real family would come by and notice the mistake and save me from my backwoods family. I felt so out of place. I handled it for a bit until I was able to control my life, by grade one I was already my own boss and No one told me different, kicked out of catholic school never to place my shadow in it again (Insert maniacal laughter here)

Ok so I was a bad kid in a small town, I hope you're keeping up, this does take time and I would appreciate the consideration of you paying attention. This is why your mother beat you so as a child...

So then I found drugs.

Well I really found drugs it was not like I noticed them on a milk carton and decided to do a Nancy bloody drew mystery or anything I just happened to have an alcoholic farther who also drove for one of the biggest brewers in Canada. So my house was a never ending drunken gambling slosh covered in polyester. Don't get me wrong, I think my parents were swingers and were the cool couple you wished you were with your wife but you know that's never going to happen and stop asking her about a threeway, it was one time in collage for her and she's already past that.

I think I'm going to stop here and leave you all in suspense for a bit while I figure out how this turned into a bloody short novel then the the quick post I was intending to make.

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