Monday, July 27, 2009

Why are we here???????

In black night around the break of the midnight howl, the animals were restless on the streets creating mayhem and maelstrom.

Fires were lit as the homeless sat with worn out bottles drinking old memories; the shadows were full of Cheshire grins.

Lost in mingled train of thought I wandered to higher grounds, desperately seeking solace in the forgotten heavens of a god’s past.

Seeking wisdom in the unknown, inviting the spirits to awaken the sleeper within, and the guide who has protected me for so long.
Looking at the stars and whispering, “why are your children screaming hell” while they wallow in there own venomous words.

Why do they destroy each other for the profit of our own world, for the cities to be built and the walls to be higher then the sky?

Looking at the ground, the city scurries with untold stories of corruption and insanity with a twisted sense of humor.

I whispered to the spirit “show me of days gone past” and the future of tomorrow. It laughed at me in its spiteful shallow voice.

Why mortal do you seek the pain of yesteryear? For the knowledge is not for human ears to grasp, you are too angry to understand.
These words are for gentle hearts, and for people who are worthy of understanding the gifts they are about to receive.

“But I am of kind heart and gentle soul”, you are within me you know the pain in my heart is for humanity, not towards others.
I have not raised my fists in wrath, or talked vindictive to my own species. I hold love for them, you must understand.

I have seen darkness within you, rage from jealousy and fear of losing the one you love. You are human, you all harbor madness.

But my madness was from a deeper issue, the rejection of motherly love and the torment of insanity from her depression.
Parents who did not want to be parents created the Madness that is in me. A cosmic joke played from the moment I breathed air.

Ah young flesh just the ignorance in your words shows me you are not ready, for nothing is random everything has a meaning.
The only cosmic joke is in the lack of knowledge man holds, and the wicked lies they spin to hold and oppress the weak.

“How could my life have meaning when I was born into strife”?

You say you were born in strife but did that not open your heart to others, did you not learn to love even when hated?

I was tormented in school; others picked on me for being different?

But did you not learn to treat others with respect? To care for the fallen for the children who lived the same lives as you?

My features were not fully-grown my appearance was gawky!

Your beauty was on the inside; you did not live your life to follow the opposite sex. You seek to look within the heart.

I was so alone I had no one but the road.

But you had the sun to shine down and the moon to bring the quietness of the evening; you had the stars to follow.

I was without human touch!

You were never without touch, the woman you hold dear held you close and tight.

It’s always about the things you were never given in life, not to appreciate the things that fell to you when you were in need.
You hold the greed of why me, you hold your head low afraid to show strength in the man you have become.
Like all humans you forget the gift of life that you were given, you look to others to blame for your own shorts.

You said I was man and was born with rage, but you only point out the things that are held with me the small pains I have.

Man has more problems then just anger young flesh, you species have shown time and time again the mistakes they make.
They look at the fruit on the tree and wonder how you can profit from it, instead of how to harvest it to feed others in need.
They take the land that is not theirs and build fences to keep people out, while others live in squalor unfit for even swine.
Your species laugh at differences no human had a choice to make, color and defects and height and weight.
You hurt others that do not follow your point of view, and force your beliefs even if they make no sense to them.

Why do you speak of fruit and land? I was born with poverty my namesake has no land, no orchards to feed the poor?
Did you not say I was born looking for the beauty within, I have not brought people low, to raise myself above them.

It is not you that I worry with my words; it’s the others who will read them.

But should they not know? Have some understanding of the world that surrounds them.

Do you think they seek for understanding? They seek for themselves and for the gain that can bring them wealth.

Not all are looking for profit, there are many like me who seek to understand the mystery that is life.

What shall I do? Shall I fall on my knees and pray?

If you pray for the homeless will they find a home?
If you pray for food to feed the nimble will there bellies be feed?
The mind has a strength that you cannot grasp unless you give up the baggage of greed and want.

But I do not want nothing for myself, my world is stable my water is pure. I only want others to feel safety as I do
Your action can only define the passion that’s within your mind, positive thought can bring things only you need.
It takes a global thought a unified vision to make change for the future, the world thinking unselfish and with common goals.

Do you not think with the knowledge that you can give that it could awaken the sleeper that’s within us all?
With a little light we can bring it to others to eventually enlighten the world, to awaken the love that holds us all together.

Your species has traded love for lust, traded beauty for flesh!

What of guidance that we have lived without, lost in the dark for so many years. Listening to stories that were manipulated?

Those stories that have been traded for new ideas still hold some merit; a wise man only asked you to love others.

But what followed were wars and a great depression, famine and slavery. The concept of religion was lost years ago.

Your kind is looking for cheap answers, the easier the better. When things fall out of your grasp you make your own rules.

But we are not the same we all hold unique qualities. We hold love its just we have wandered away from helping others.

You must understand that things will have to change; the future of humanity has become a boiling pot. The anger is getting worse.
The death toll rises everyday; people are too concerned with idols then there own lives. Fame is the new hero to most.

All we seek is to understand, why do we hold so much pain in our heart. Why do we hold so much guilt for the mistakes we make.
Why are we here!

You are here to learn.

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