Wednesday, June 11, 2008

carry your head proud

From the first day of our lives we are filled with guilt
conditioned to belive in anything but yourself
from religion to aliens to gurus to idols all with the same motion in mind
a easy way to control you
the greatest sin is loving and beliving in ourself
humanity and the mind is nothing to fear the power we hold is universal
but each and everyday someone gives there life in a holy cause
false teachers telling children to watch in the stars for the holy spaceship to the maker
preachers in sermons telling if you dont read the good book everyday a life in fire is what awaits you
now is that what life is really about is that our purpose only to be humble and worship
be meak when walked on and say i am sorry for being so low
handing out earning you might not even have so someone can have things better then you

goverment and religion dont mix until money gets involved
we all know to make money you need to have it first
but if you have already have it why do you need more
why the need for three cars and a wardrobe that outs even the pope
sitting on a hundread acres with a glorious vies
while 300.000 are dying for a safe place to rest there head

what is morals and goals nowadays fancy words with little meaning
sitting on the top watching the little people break there back to make you rich
time are tuff wages are to small to live by but they needs us more then we need them
its time to fight back a day to scream we are the the ones who break your eggs
we are the ones who built that fancy house we are the ones who mend your clothes
a day to strike a day to walk and say no today you cook your own breakfast pour your own drink
its time to tell the world we are all equal we are all the same its time to be treated fare in this life
no more sunken heads no more surviving on so little
saying sorry to your children when there is just a little food
take the day seize the night atleast stand for yourself
become a doormat no more love yourself and carry your head proud

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