Wednesday, June 11, 2008

look in the mirror at the colors we hate

It still amazes me that we live in such a alarming racist state
people angry about colour how ignorant and full of hate
what choice did we have i ask you this
do you remember making a list
sitting with the creator asking to be white rich and the body of a king
asking for all ten toes and fingers to match
blue eyes blond hair and oh what a catch

this is the true state of reality no rpg to create
we are born all the same way that is our true fate
rich poor white black yellow blue
a face is a face and only true spirits come true
you can be evil in any colour ask anyone who has lived on the streets
we all walk different in this world we all have certain beats

monsters in mirrors we all see ourselves in a difefrent light
but anger to anything is not right is it not time to give up this fight
love is not achieved overnight it take time learn to tolerate
stop watching television they are the ones who dictate
talk to someone new and see in his soul
you will find we are not that different we just pay all different toles

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