Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How far shall we dig my friends

Do you remember the days when freedoms cry rose
that day we all cheered for the falling Berlin wall
but those days are passed and that road is closed
our possessions to big now we drown with so much to haul

Now they build borders against neighbors and (friends)
nine foot fences blocking protecting all that dwell within
trust is something that is only seen on the screen
pity is giving at such a fools hardy pace
anger for the working man who just filling in there place

trust in man is lost and we will never again get out that bitter taste
like the sour grapes at mass their whipping tongue don't give haste
bitter arguments turning one against another
living in times when brother turns on brother
money and sex oh how that whore screams
preying like wishes hoping for dreams

silent and submissive just a tease for the play
harvesting fortunes breaking necks on the way
hey fast cars and faster women is that not the new game
a useless life with a shallow wife no love only gain
the house the kids the debt oh way to big
you are the one with the shovel how far shall we dig

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