Wednesday, June 11, 2008

shatter when we fall

Good day to all of you how was your day?
were you confronted by fears did love pass your way
did you follow a good path or did you hurt someone in your wake
the choices you make must we live or take
we are only defined by our actions not the clothes that we wear
the true spirit that resides gets heavy for all that we bare

did you phone a friend and wish him well when he is down
help someone when they slipped and hit the ground
give a dollar to someone who needs it
and not operas charity of the month

maybe read a good book and helped others with that knowlage
or are you charging a fortune to teach a person to fish
you are a good person don't let guilt get you weak
we all slip we all fall down
but unlike the stupid egg that sat on the wall
we don't shatter when we fall

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Anonymous said...

strange but interesting