Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What We See As Right

this is the new day the time to reflect on light
when problems raise their fangs we must shrug off the bite
put away the little things that bother you guilt is no way to live your life
end the stress and forgive all who try to strife

people once should be trusted but only from a step
money is the one true god and knows its fare share of tears wept
families broken up fighting over what there dead parents left
bloody hands on punctured chest empty register a useless death

we makes mistakes that how we learn
everyone has a chance relive or fade out and burn
falling on knees speaking guilt to a man
what is more wrong in the long sense of that plan

just walking animals dominate on space
walking in herds looking for there place
stepping on toes drowning in the waste
sunken eyes we call ourselves a race

i hear the argument each and every day
banks foreclosing taking families dreams away
pawn shops making money off others misfortune
governments spending just wasting on nothing
children hungry abused and alone
natural disasters watching the wind blow

i cant sit back i don't know about you
trying to manifest peace is a thing we could do
brothers in arms all wanting the same goals
weapons laid down no walls will be closed
money the demon finally shaken off our back
a united world now whats wrong with that

if its religion that you sit and think
that ship needs to be sailed and finally sink
its been corrupted over its years the church bends now with the time
the only thing that has not changed is the fear of hell where your soul lies

hate in there hearts for others who believe different
but is not god just that in as many names as you call it
how much blood must be spend on who deity is bigger
two thousand years and the problem keeps getting bigger

but that's all about issues that come up everyday
war earthquakes and famine this just isn't our day
well stay alive and breath life in anyway
change of thought is all i wanted to say

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