Sunday, July 17, 2016

Coffee With a Side of Heathen Pancakes, A Sunday Blog.

Don't stare at this for too long...

Well It has been a long time since I've done a Sunday morning sit down. Most of those writes back in the day were after my wife went to church and I was considered the heathen sitting on the couch drinking coffee and watching the news. Heathen coffee tasted so much better, mixed with some homemade heathen pancakes with real maple syrup.  

ummmmm heathen pancakes 

Well where are we now, how far have we climbed on the quest to save humanity since the last I wrote 3 years ago? Have we gathered and shred our differences and our blame game to understand that we are only one race, the human race? Have we advanced the survival of our species and our planet by working together for a common goal? The betterment for all life on this planet? 

I come back to find a society that considers my view of humanity, my love for all living things kinda racist. Yes, me... My color blind views that we are all just the outcome of our ancestors geography and food is considered to be a racist thought. That believing that our only difference is what our society and culture teaches us, that we are all separate because of lines drawn on a fucking map, does nothing to lift the plight of another. That I should pick and choose whose life is more important based on the color of the skin, gender and sexual preference. Fuck that! All life matters to me, from the senseless slaughter of animals on this planet to the senseless killing we are doing to each other. I don't care if the person is wearing a badge, religious belief or violence in urban areas, it is still one human taking the life of another.  

We have devalued life so much that they have us fighting on what life matters more. We are killing each other at an alarming rate. Renewed civil war in Africa, the bullshit fake coup in the Ukraine to hold the power of a religious dictator. Suicide bombs, terrorist attacks and the huge rate of suicide that no media is willing to talk about. Can't you see that this image below is the true reality of our world, and I don't know about you but I feel helpless. Our hands are tied until all mankind sees that our beliefs should not determine the reality of everyone else. That we should have the right to live without the worry of governments fighting over each other. Gang violence and religious extremism dictating our daily lives. When we decide enough is enough and work together to rebuild what we have destroyed with the world and between ourselves. Most people would not kill their family and the truth is we are all family. We all come from the same egg. Earth.

Now if you know me and my writing, you will see that I have tried to explain this over the years since I first encountered the phenomenon at the Occupy rally in 2011. The controlled script (and I mean a real script) on how to be a protester came out. And it was the beginning of the snap clap, the we are united but for our own goals mentality, and the safe place coddling that is being taught in most universities. In the students mind they are thinking that they are being awakened to a truth that everyone is so blind to see. That it is not our choices or our actions that determine our life, no in fact it is someone else's fault. Yes, it was the fault of the people in the past, the older generation now, the millennials, the baby boomers, the x generation, everyone but you. So no, be a prick, be a racist, be a ass.. It's not your fault right? Oh and by the way, racism is racism. If you spend all day bashing people and telling them to check their privilege, you might be a racist. 

We are helpless where we are born, We do not choose the color or heritage of our ancestors. 

We do choose how we look at each other. 

Until you can see that we are all here helpless wondering what the fuck is going on, then we will never have anything to work with. This life did not come with instructions and the rules of man have done nothing but bring us further in the dark ages than ever before. 

We need to find value again in human life. We need to see the opportunity that one day we can put aside our differences and start talking with each other, to see how we can better the lives of everyone. All 7 billion of us. Because no matter what part of the world you are living in, corruption and violence is only a vote or channel away. Hey can we build a game like Pokemon go where instead of catching digital creatures in an augmented reality, we go out and help those less fortunate in our neighborhood? I mean we can have both, I would just like to know who is needing help. It would be a app more up my speed.

Well my family of humanity it was nice sitting down talking with you, I got so caught up in the write that my coffee has grown cold. Just remember racism and violence starts with us. Because something happened a long time ago does not justify being a dick now. Be the change, share the love. We may be slowly walking away from a religious forced reality to now walking into another forced reality at the hands of SJW's. Society does not need one ideology to run everyone. We all share different experiences and we all share different beliefs. It is time to accept that and move on. 

I will end on this note with Radiohead's new song Daydreaming...

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