Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Cloudy Sky

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                                                              When Lighting Strikes

I remember the day all so well when they first arrived. It was a rainy day and I just got off of work from another day of selling liquor and smokes to drunks and teens. Like I give a fuck what the law or even my boss the great asshat Mr Wilbertan had to say, no one else came to this little store in this buttfuck little town but them. I just finished a double shift, Stu my co worker and best friend was sleeping off a good weekend, and he asked me to do him a solid. 

How could I say no, I've done it to him way too many times to count. We both came from the same town, had the same friends, we all new the same boring people. If the law ever did come by to check if these kids had ID or those drunks were past the limit, I would spot them as quick as a new truck. 

I just got home and sat down at my computer. My walls were filled with stories that needed more investigation, Sightings were becoming more and more frequent. Stories of people disappearing and then months later waking in other parts of the world confused and dazed. My desk a pile of folders and ashes. Coffee and bong water stains tarnish the finish of my grandfathers old desk. A picture of my family stained with tears and dust lay face down. I lost them all in an unknown accident 5 years ago. All of of them squished into a car heading to my grandmothers birthday party, me having to work that day and not really interested in watching everyone get drunk again. I am here because of that shitty job.They all thought I was crazy with my conspiracies, no one understood me. As much as I tried, it fell on deaf ears...

 As I was saying I just got home and was checking my usual sites for the latest on the supernatural, aliens and flat earth... Just before you think I am crazy I will never stick to one avenue for my hobby, I believe that anything is possible. That is probably why I had noticed the first wave before anyone else. I knew that they were here, that they were studying us.

               It started simple in a park in Paris.

There was a birthday party for a kid named Michael and his seven friends. The parents Trish and David were accompanied by one other adult. One of the children's parent, and a close friend.  Hiding under a tree, as the storm moved quickly in. A lighting bolt struck the tree and everyone under it. As far as we knew they were only slightly hurt and a little dazed and confused. They all had to be taken under medical attention until they gained their footing. That was all that was said.

After searching for months I was able to find the doctors notes on all the patients. They all suffered a mild form of memory loss, and a loss of motor skills. Almost like they were waking in new bodies. (That is my opinion) they also could not remember anything that happened. After a few hours, they all managed to get better. Memories were back and movement was fine, however the blank expressions on their faces was something weird enough for the medical staff to put it in the files.

The second was a lot bigger. It happened in Germany affecting a soccer game with 35 people. It was hailed as a freak lighting storm again, but I knew. I knew something was up. As with the first case, all the people reported to have the same conditions as the first incident. Of coarse hospitals were too fucking stupid or slow to share that sort of vital information. So it went widely unknown that we were getting invaded. The people went home, the news was quiet.

The third one was silent. I only heard a small story on the news about an airplane that was hit with lighting and that it had almost gone down. Not that the news would know, and I would find out much later. That it was filled with highly trained UN soldiers, dignitaries and leaders of the world off on another global tax grab convention. All in the name of Carbon credits ha!. If only life was as simple as me stewing in anger over false data and global warming myths. A quarter of Earth is now scorched from our feeble attempts to defeat them with nuclear weapons. In the end we only destroyed our own countless lives in a vain chance of victory. I will now finally admit that mankind has caused global warming.

Once they had control of the figures of power, everything was basically handed to them. It wasn't until the forth strike that people started to notice. It happened in Dallas Texas on a clear day. The reports said it was another freak storm, that hit the AT & T Stadium during a Dallas Cowboys game. All the seats were filled that day, 100,000 people all hit by the largest lighting strike in known history. Not one person complained or felt any affects that time, as if it didn't really happen. I figured they must have perfected their little soul swap after the first three times. I am sure they had perfected picking up single people,after the many years of alien abduction

After that the internet was ablaze. We all had our own theories from HARP to a break in reality from the Large Hadron Collider. I even heard planet x to time traveling Egyptians, I knew that it was none of those. Something seemed more strange and sinister.. This was an attack, they were finally here. We finally have proof of life in other planets and they come here bloody hostile. If movies and video games have taught me anything, things were only just starting. Mankind faced its greatest test. 

Once the stories began making traction, they were easily dismissed by the media outlets as hoaxes. High ranking scientists talked day and night on talk shows about the rise in lighting strikes because of global warming. We tried our best. Anonymous and other hacker groups flooded information as much as we could. Of coarse like every other time we were mocked and laughed at, nothing new from brain dead sheep. Yes a few stories got tossed around from the newspaper rag the mirror and a few questionable websites. The media wasn't taking any interest in the story other than to dismiss it.. They were too busy filling the screen with images of Trump and Hilary for the 2016 election. Talk about a couple aliens.. If we ever survive I hope we can get past the stupidity of leaving the planet in the hands of morons.

Now the fifth time the whole world noticed.  All across the planet a storm rolled in. Power was shut off on many of the cities, lighting bolted across entire neighborhoods. For two hours the world was a mass of explosions. By the time the dust settled an invasion force had settled in Canada of all places. It's large rolling mountains easily able to hide their ships and bases. Of coarse Canada was the first place to get nuked.

I already miss maple syrup and poutine..

Some were as blue ball of fire coming in fast. Large ominous clouds rolling in like a bat out of hell, or my cousin Christopher when he runs out of beer and gets in his truck. Once the cloud was over the most populated areas,  it would then strike. Reports confirm that the large cloud would spread out striking numerous buildings and homes.

And some we as strong as those that were created from volcanoes. Fire and dust would rain down on unsuspecting people and their homes. I call these the destroyers.

They were able to hide within the clouds. What I understand is that radar didn't see them coming. After the dust settled entire cities were left in ruins. The reports said that no bodies were found, as if they were vaporized. Me being paranoid enough to build my own fallout shelter from my parents inheritance, I had everything I needed for a few years, or as so I figured anyways. By the third strike I was already living in the shelter, I was able to bypass a few means of communication and had full internet access until the lights went out. My parents empty house lay as a grave with little remembrance.

I sat in that bunker held up in style for three weeks, feeding my generator and trying to get anything from the shortwave radio. What I did get was a mess of stories. People were attacking others and a war had begun against one another on petty things like race and gender. Fathers were coming home and slaughtering their families, people were going on killing sprees. My own liquor store was robbed and burnt to the ground... Those darn kids... The streets were riots and police acted as judge and executioner

Nothing really did come to my little town. No destroyer clouds or blue balls of fire. It was destroyed by the people as with many other cities and towns. Those who stole what they could and ran. Others spread chaos and fear. People so accustomed to life being so easy were stuck in cities trying to flee the bloodshed that judgement lay upon it. The world turned into chaos overnight. And I had to do what I had to do to survive. And if it was stealing all the good booze and smokes and food and then burning my old stupid job to the ground, so be it. Fuck you asshat.

With the world leaders being them, there was little resistance until it was too late. Our defense was of little use. Their forces were waiting at every corner. I thought I was safe hiding like a coward in my shelter stocked with good scotch and fine cigars, with a wall of video consoles and a a 65 inch flat screen. I had carefully hide in my parents property, wind and solar panels to give me a little extra juice. I managed to gain a stock of seeds and cases preserved of food and hydroponics growing in the back. Hording my riches while the world burned above me.

It wasn't until they hit the entire planet with some sort of sonic burst that flattened all my communications and power. That is the day I received my true wake up call. Whatever hit us hit us hard. My generators and batteries exploded instantly. The walls cracked and weakened, as I was tossed out of bed in a mad rush of confusion and honestly, a little pissing myself in fear. Smoke was brought instantly into the main areas of the bunker through the air ventilation, the flames ate my plastic paradise as fast as the food my family use to eat at Floyd's Dinner. .It is not until afterwards that I saw the fault in the design, and the fucking stupidity of keeping the gas close to the generator. The room exploded, taking the roof with it.

I rushed to my closet where I had an emergency pack and a gun and headed out the main door. I looked back watching my games burn in a white and orange flamed mindfuck. FUCK! I had it coming, I new I couldn't hide for long. Riding out the apocalypse while getting high and playing video games sounded pretty fucking good to me. Call me selfish, I am a product of my environment.

I rushed out the door breathing air for the first time in weeks as I'm chocking toxic fumes from my lungs blindly running with my dick hanging out. Did I mention I was naked? How else do you sleep. I make it to my great grandfathers old barn before the entire shelter collapsed on itself. The heat weakening the concrete structure, as everything I ever held precious was gone. My mothers plates, my fathers collection of porn videos. My weed. All that was left was my parents abandoned farm and

I couldn't sleep there. I still can hear my mother yelling at me while beating up my sisters with anything she could find. The father that wasn't, was on the road as usual. Trucking paid the bills son, a trucker is what you are growing up to become. Just like your old man. Yea what, sleeping with lot lizards and getting woman pregnant across the country, in a job that goes everywhere but nowhere? No thanks Dad, I would rather sell cancer to children

I had to hold myself up with the barn as I adjusted to the air and the stench that was blowing from the wind that somehow sounded artificial and hollow. The air also seemed thick and greasy, it took me a moment to adjust as I coughed my lungs out. Good thing I was already a smoker. This air felt polluted and my lungs have already been damaged from my own stupidity. In the distance I heard static, you know the noise the TV use to make when it was done broadcasting for the night. Right after a little American pride. It sounded like an old TV with no signal blasting through a drainage pipe.

It cut through my ears and it felt like it was rattling my eyes and brain. All of a sudden my knees buckled and I dropped on my bag face first as the sound took effect. My ears started to bleed as my mind felt as if it was being torn to shreds. With shaking hands I was able to grab the small earplugs that I had stashed sitting in the small pocket on the top of the bag. Once I was able to put them in, which was incredibly hard, I managed to get back up. I still heard it but the effects were not as strong.
 I would need to find better ways to plug out this noise. I quickly got dressed and tried to figure out my situation. It was easy enough to know where I wasn't going. To the south lay a blinding bright white light. You could tell that it was far away, and that it was the last place you would ever catch me.
I run to my new truck and grab the keys that lay under the seat. I grabbed a few tools from the barn and loaded the back with water and whatever I could find in the shelves laying in the house. Which wasn't much. I loaded what foods I could recognize in a cooler and started the truck. Noticing the large loud pipes on the back I quickly shut it off. Shit. I didn't know what to do. Sure a loud truck sounds great passing through main street but trying to be quiet was not going to work. I had to install my stock ones hanging on the wall. After two hours and a few cut up fingers I managed to quickly change the exhaust to something a little less heatbag-ish. I was ready to go nowhere. I peeked once more outside. Off in the distance I could see a large hovering fleet close to the ground. I figured they were hunting us for sport.

I jumped in the truck and headed into town. I was going to go by Stewart's house and see if he was smart and left town. There was nothing left of town. Population 100 and it looked like everyone left town as soon as they could. There is many mountains and caves a person could hide in these parts. It looked like a fire was set at the pawn shop and it burnt the entire town. With no one to put out the fire the town didn't have a chance. I knew Stu was okay, he lived nowhere near town. I was poor but Stu was even poorer. He lived past the tracks in a yard across from the steal mill. His father won it after losing his arm in a accident. I use to see him three times a day, everyday grabbing his two bottles of vodka. Hiding it as If I was somehow judging him, most of the town was alcoholics anyways. Like I was anyone to judge what they did to survive this hell called Bairoil Wyoming.

As I was driving by I noticed a light in the main window of his place. I pulled up silently on the side and slowly walked over to the front door. Banging my fist gently I knocked. After a few seconds I quickly banged three times, this time a lot fucking harder.. I walked over to the side window when I noticed a barrel sticking out. I dove towards the house as the blast of a double barrel filled the night sky. What the fuck are you doing I screamed as Stu's father looked out the window.

What the fuck are you doing outside boy, trying to get yourself killed?
I knocked on the door but no one answered.
What he screams over my voice? I'm wearing somthin for my ear he yells, come in the back, dunner is on. I quickly run to the back door where his families two mutts bark at me from the side of the door. Inside the house is lite with candles. Stu's mom had a large wrap of towels around he head and the kids have plugs in their ears as they play. Stu's dad is using his old headset from his old steel mill days. Sorry he yells, we couldn't hear you.
What is this noise I yell?
We don't know but it will end soon. You will know when it's over, are you hungry boy? Grab a plate and let the misses fill it. Yar skinny enough as it is, look at Stu he looks healthy. He looks fat I say as his mom smacks me on the head. Don't listen to him, you're just big boned, your father didn't grow up until he was 17. She walks over and gives him a kiss. Any more talk like that and no dessert for you shes says to me. They were all so oblivious.

What are you guys doing here, you shouldn't have the lights on!
Who is coming out here in the dead of the night? Every bodies gone son, we might just be the only people left. Even your grandma left south towards Mexico, I helped her pack. We figured you got killed in the fire.
What fire?
The liquor store.

No, I've been down in my shelter, I thought you already left town. I didn't hear anything from you Stu. I had to make sure my family was okay first, Stu says. I knew you were good, I was going to visit once I knew what we were doing. But Dad is so stubborn he will not leave. This is his castle and he will defend it, stubborn old man. Stu's father gets up and smacks Stu in the head. Watch your mouth here boy, I'm not that old to take you out back and teach you a lesson.

Whatever it is out there I screamed, they haven't come in peace. We need to get to safety as soon as possible. This is absolute insanity you all sitting around with your thumbs up your asses. Now I noticed that the noise has stopped and everyone was looking at me like I was a lunatic.
So Mr know it all, what's your big plan, Stu's dad says sitting across from me at the table. What's your big plan on getting all 7 of us to safety? We have food and propane here boy, and enough water to last out this storm. This isn't a storm I scream, remembering I still held the plugs in my ears I removed them out with caution. This isn't a storm. We are being attacked.

Don't start with your alien bullshit here, I don't have time for your tinfoil hat conspiracies. I get up from the table and mumble fuck you. I look over to Stu and told him that I was leaving. I was not going to be a sitting duck. I'm sorry Stu says, I can't leave my family. You`re all crazy, and you are going to get your family killed sitting here or even worse. Experimented on. Humps Stu's father grunts, what alien are going to probe us son? The two younger kids giggle as I start walking out the back door. I love you guys but I can't stay here, I need to find somewhere safe. And not a house made of sticks with the lights on like a beacon at the sea. Not that I have ever seen the sea or a beacon, I did see videos online once. As I give the finger to the dogs and about to turn and leave, Stu opens the back door and tells me to wait. You know dad has quiet the weapons arsenal in the basement, he was wondering if you had enough guns?

Grabbing two USP .45's a .44 Magnum, a AA 12 and one RPG with two rockets. I set out with enough ammo to start my own war. I left with the blessing of the family and a kiss from Stu's rather large mother. I wished them the best, and told them again that their all fucking nuts and headed out towards Colorado through Moffats country down the 789. If I stayed away from populated areas and stuck to the back roads I should make some traction towards New Mexico. I didn't know if they hunted in sunlight or daylight, so I took my chances and left at night driving the roads with a set of night goggles compliments of Stu's dad. His name was Jefferson by the way, I saw him much later but we won't come to that yet. Oh my name is Jordan, I'm 29 and 6 ft 2 dark skinned hunk of a man. Mixed blood to keep it politely, the names I was called by others growing up were a lot more harsh. I loved my family, I didn't care what others thought, and now I don't have time to fall in self-pity from the past. I'm sure things like racism or religion are now forgotten. We had the survival of the human species to worry about. And this wasn't Jesus's return. Even thou you could call it ancient prophecy and the bible knew this day would come.

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