Sunday, January 31, 2016

I don't know.

You ever sit and wonder where we are going as a species. Sitting imagining us as a species full of hate love and destruction, banging our fucking heads in the wall expecting something to change. We vote the same bastards in, expecting different results, we go to the same shitty jobs expecting something to change. Go to the same bloody service, hoping for a spark. We spend our entire lives waiting for the right push, the right call to raise arms. Except we are too busy fighting among ourselves to hear the call. Like rats in a cage, we have turned against ourselves. We have left love by the roadside, just some hippie meme that new Agers use. They have us fighting against the economy, blaming the poor. They have us blaming anyone but themselves, even thou the debt has been run longer than any war. It is so easy to play the victim role, to blame and not grow. To grow is the experience, to take the pain and reach for higher ground. We all share the same dna, all run under the same sun and moon. Let not those who try to divide us from such simple truths. This is a new beginning, the lines are still being drawn. Things that we know are always pushed aside by people who want to matter, but forget that we are all matter.
I raise a glass to those who try to bring us to any level but our own. 


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I think that's the problem of our society that we wait for something to change while we don't even try to change it ourselves. Everyone has to start from himself.