Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Simple Gift Of Love

Whispers in the dark. 
Gathered around the homeless in the dark. 
frost frozen winters for all the merry carolers. 
While empty bellies sing the songs of the forgotten. 
It's beginning to look a lot like christmas.  

Children scream I want. 
As gadgets and trinkets fly off the shelves to end up in toy boxes given to the next goodwill. 
Handouts of merry cheer with animosity on the words. 
A religious and belief battle royal. 
Wile empty mangers sit on the side of government offices. 
A merry noel.  

Families gather around the plastic tree. 
Hearts in the right place as smiles and smells fill the room. 
No one to bring them down, no view of the cold outdoors. 
An empty bell rings for a small donation for those without. 
Children play without thought of doubt. 
Such tender moments as the snow slowly falls.  

This is the time of feeling alone. 
Where a small cup of coffee can make a dark light shown. 
Small gifts of kindness is something we all seek. 
Together is the time to make peace without fight. 
Working together to make all people feel right. 
The streets filled with hands looking for small handouts and a winter coat. 
Let us all give the right gift tonight...

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