Sunday, August 18, 2013

Èmpty Part 3

As always just me playing around with the millions of stories locked within my mind. I was hoping to have ended this by now but it just won't let go, as time is not on my side.

I hope you kinda like it, and please remember this is only my doodle before the painting...

Picture created by Glen Clovis 

Mining station has been deployed, opening bay 2 and 4 for departure. All personal please secure overhead compartments and hatches and lets be careful people, no showboating. We need hardened materials for operations and fuel, so save what you can. 

Yes captain, Donavan yells in a grunt military voice.
Yes mon capitan, Meryl chuckles.
Fuck you, Dylan whispers.

Hahahahaha Funny guy. 
Meryl if you do feel like blasting something today, make it his smart ass.

She couldn't catch up to me if she tried, Dylan grunts.

Wanna make a bet?

Ok you two lets be professional, Donavan orders. Let's move out.

How about it captain? Meryl asks in her sweetest sounding voice.

If we can achieve quota then you got yourself a deal, well that's if Dylan isn't all talk?

Let's get this done.

 Dylan pushes the liftoff switch and takes off after the automated mining station and the other two follow.

Art again by Glen Clovis 

Art by VargasNi 

Computer play something loud with a beat.

You're going down boy, Meryl whispers as she sets out towards an outcropping of rocks.
She initiates laser cutting drill and proceeds to slice large chunks of the floating billion year old treasure.
With hard light suspension nets she then gathers the pieces to an automated chute that breaks them down to a finer material. 

The days almost done boys and girls and it looks like we have had an amazing day. Donavan as always taking the lead with the most in store, Meryl coming up second and Dylan... Well let's hope you put more speed in this race then you did on the shift today brother or you will be losing.

The only one going down is Meryl, Dylan mentions.

Meryl laughs, only in your dreams.

True that, Dylan remarks. True that.

Chapter 2 
Ego Driven

Since Meryl was the one who made the challenge I am giving Dylan choice of routes.
The computer has given you three choices Dylan, which will you choose?

Let's go with the hard one...

Meryl are you ready to go?

Yes Captain.


I was born ready.

As the ships take off  Meryl takes the lead. Flying gracefully through the asteroids she pushes into a larger opening in one of the larger objects.

Try to get through this, she says over the music.

Dylan chuckles, come on sweatpea let's make this a little harder.

He hits his boosters and comes up right beside her.
They both are coming neck to neck when Meryl's ships control systems starts flashing.

Unable to communicate...
Breaks over the captains ears.

Meryl, respond...

The lights start flashing as the controls begin shutting down.
Meryl tries rebooting the system when the screens go black.

What the hell is going on computer?
Computer answer me?
Captain I can't seem to get the computer up.
System failure on all fronts.
Unable to communicate to ship.
Losing power.
Screens are blank.

A face appears within the screens. 

Who are you?
Where am I?
Help me!

Through the ships window Meryl sees she is coming close to one of the asteroids.

Who is this?

I don't remember, says the voice. 

Why are you shutting down my ship?

Am I?

Lights and screens come on as a warning signal reports close proximity.
Over head Meryl hears the captain talking about aborting the shuttle.

Break free Meryl, quick.

I can't captain, system is still booting.

On the other speaker Donavan's voice comes in.
Suspension nets deployed, hold on Meryl this will be hard stop.

The field reaches around the ship as it holds it in place.
Meryl hits her head on the screen knocking her out.
As her eyes close she hears one more time.
Find me.

Chapter 3 
Ghost in the machine

What the hell was that computer?

It seems sir we have a ghost in the machine.

A what?

There is another signal coming from the ship that isn't part of my programming.

The captain looks overhead at the medical unit where Meryl is being treated.

We almost lost one of our best today and you tell me we have phantoms on the ship?

I am unable to determine what this anomoly is captain, however I did recieve a sharp spike in power just before Meryl's ship lost control.

Find where the spike came from and let me know, we can't have this happening out here like this.

I will captain.

Donavan walks over to the table where Meryl is sitting. She has a large wound on the side of her face.
Here drink this, Donavan says as he drops a warm cup of coffee in front of her.

Thanks Meryl says.

What happened out there?

I really don't know, I was just about to overtake Dylan when the ship lost all control.
Then a face appeared on the screen asking for help.

What kind of face, Donavan asks.

Dylan walks in the room bellowing...
There wasn't any malfunction, you knew you were beat and made the whole thing up.

Shut up, Donavan mumbles as he sits beside Meryl handing here an ice pack.

No really a face appeared over the screen asking for help.

Yea right Dylan says as he pours himself a drink.
You sure you weren't hitting the sauce a little early?

You're the only one who can't stay solber here Dylan, Meryl says as she stands up against him.
Dizziness overtakes her and she has to sit right back down again.

Don't strain yourself on my expense toots, just speaking it real.

Over the head screens the captains image appears. Everyone get up here we seem to have found the problem.

The computer has found an unidentified ship on board that seems to have started when Meryl's ship lost control. It seems to be a old corporate flyer, one of the exec class models.

Is there any life reading on board? Donavan asks.

We can't seem to read anything inside of it, it must have some sort of shield on it. All we keep getting is a light signal that comes and goes.

Grab your gear we are going down to investigate this.

Art by Anasrist
Ok crew I still can't find any readings on this ship so enter with extreme caution.

Dylan, Meryl and the Captain walk slowly to the hatch as Donavan watches above at the main controls.

The captain walks over and tries the hatch and places his hand on the sensor.
A beep comes from it with an no access sign image on the pad.

It looks like we will be going in the hard way Dylan, get the laser cutter and open this can of worms.

Dylan starts walking over when Meryl says stop to Dylan and puts her hand on the pad.

A light green light glows under her palm as airlock is released and the door opens slowly.
It told me to find it.

Everyone lifting the weapons at the same time, all aimed at the door.
The latch opens as darkness peers through.

A slight hiss sounds and the door opens.

Chapter 4
An uninvited guest

As they enter the ship a small light turns on, and an image of the solar system fills the room.

What's going on captain we just got another spike coming from the ship?
It's a holoprojection Donavan, we must have tripped it when we entered.

Captain... A voice comes out of the dark.
My name is Edger Monsanto.
I am leaving you with my most valuable possession that I have secured in this old ship.
Please take good care of her, she will need all the help she can get.

The projection stops and a small red light starts guiding down the floor.
Please follow captain, the voice says.

Computer can you hear me?
Yes captain, it seems that this is an old recording, since Edger passed away before the we lifted off.

Follow the lines captain, the voice speaks again.

As the crew follow deeper in the ship a door opens into one of the rooms.
In the center of the room is a cryosleep chamber with another ID plate.

Meryl walks over and puts her hand on the plate, nothing happens.

The captain walks over and places his hand where Meryls was last at.
The chamber opens.

Dearest Captain, this is my daughter Cynthia. I have given everything to save her and her memory.  Within her mind holds great strength but fragile emotions. Please keep her safe. For she has the ability to change the fate of our species.

The captain looks down upon the sleeping woman, his breath gets taken away as her eyes open.
You're so beautiful!

Thank you for reading this so far, if you like it and would like to give to my cause please help or share this around. I am seeking to fix a smile that was taken away from me.

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