Saturday, May 11, 2013

Where Sleeping Sheep Lie

So are we still searching for that hero? That person to save the day. Looking for love in all the wrong places, in those old jukebox hits of the 80's. Remembering the glory days of the past, like faded pictures of smiling children in old paintings in your parents basement. You know that place you can't afford to leave. Calling out sheep while seeking green pastures. Writing about love on social media while forgetting it in real life. If you suffer from anyone of these symptoms please see a medical specialist, there is a pill for that.

Watching the world in an awakened view is very limited to what you are awaken too. Once an opinion becomes solid our views becomes limited and our actions become only valid to ones own mindset. We question everything but our own truths while forgetting that truth has always been in the eyes of the beholder. We are born in different experiences and totally different points of view and should never be forced to have to follow another. Imagination is what makes science fiction into fact, but it shouldn't control our lives.

For many of us it seems we have no choice. For some reason people keep putting faith in their governments. Expecting another rich man in a suit to have all the answers, promises and lies, you know the usual lawyers talk. What do they know of us other then our worth in taxes?

Working for slavery wages smiling as best we can. Working two jobs just to keep our heads above water. Have they ever had to stand in line at a food bank just to feed the kids when hard times hit? If they did then many wouldn't be living so rough. More empty homes then homeless and we still bitch about welfare. Billions given to rebel forces, war torn causes, military spending and genocides, all on the peoples pay and a few hundred dollars given to the poor pisses you off... 200 million homeless in the world begging for a dime, or a moment of your time.

Countries where people live in fear from holy wars and power struggles. Drones like flies blowing everything to shit. All paid for by your local government controlled corporations or is it the other way around? I just can't tell anymore...

World tripping on police brutality, policed reality. Love, oh where is the love? Left behind on 90's love ballads and slow dances. The echoed cries of love hurts wafting through the airwaves. Cheap tricks replaced by cheap sex and teen mom 2. Sex in the halls, sex on the screen, and we wonder why they say we have a population problem. The population isn't the problem it is the caregivers who keep feeding us these toxic lies, and chemtrail skies.

Pollution in the mind, living on borrowed time.
Bio engineered processed desserts to fill that empty heart. Our credit should handle the rest. Just charge it like our parents remorse, now swimming in make believe debts. Costs rise, health deprived, looking for handouts from Monsanto sponsored Representatives. Frankenfish soon to be nipping at our toes, environmental woes. Farmed fish and engineered salvation at the price of untested lies and fabled studies.

Think for yourself but eat what we create, we know what's best... Wait, no think what we say, it's easier this way.

All this and a bag of chips... Genetically modified bag but chips all the same. No one to take the blame. Forget profit and let love play the game.

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