Monday, April 29, 2013

For A Smile

This is a reblog from someone who has shown their love and kindness through art. A friend from twitter with the help of another artist has donated 2 pieces of art to help me with my cause. Such beauty shown that I am speechless and crying. You can view the original here

For a smile…

The wonderful and very talented Jane Cunningham was ever so gracious and loving when she offered to donate one of her stunningly beautiful pieces of art to Raise money for Reagan’s smile.
This beautiful piece is hers…

This is a large garden statue that I made to try and help Reagan. I named the piece “Open”. With arms at the side and palms up, there is a serene feeling of not surrender, but being present and open to life. It is my hope that we can offer up these pieces to raise some money to give to Reagan to help him on his quest for a smile.
IMG_0279Piece measures 19 inches high ( 48 cm)IMG_0280
Jane and I both tried to find a Charity Auction site on the web, to no avail. ( anyone with a generous heart and knowledge there is a need!)
So what we decided to do instead is use the blog as an auction site. Please leave bids in the comments. All of this is for a very worthy cause, so even if you can not bid, if you could possibly spread the word? and just share the idea with someone you think might be interested? I would be ever so grateful!
and if you need to remember why we are doing this,

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