Saturday, February 9, 2013

Soft Caress...

In this night holding you.
Listening to your soft breath play music through my soul.
Your body pressed against me, moving slowly.
The beat of your heart, the whispers from dreams.
Reminding me just how precious you are.
How much you truly mean to me.
This love I hold for you.

The first moment we locked glances.
That torment of not being able to kiss you right then.
To spend eternity locked within those beautiful eyes.
I truly stumbled and have never been the same.
Always knowing the love you hold for me.

The stupidity of youth and the destruction I sought, had taken so much time away.
Our pride both strong, trying to deny the feeling that we held.
Trying to live under God's grace, while dancing in white lies.
All in the passions of love.
Drowning in denial and your lovely smile.
We only wanted one another.
Care not of the whispers of others.
Embrace the sands of time and never let go of this moment.
We had destiny on our side.

However, sometimes fate has a bitter kiss.
Time and gentle caresses faded.
Endless highways I wandered with your love haunting in my mind.
My heart lost in you.
As the years past, I still only held love for you.
Knowing in my body, that our paths will cross again.
That even the distance of the world cannot hold us apart.
Then I found you.

A friend request and then I found you, I finally found you.
Within a few weeks we were wed.
A Moment locked in destiny.
Our love had found to be true.
This uniting made me whole again.

One heart, one breath.
Forever to embrace until the end of days.
Old and grey walking hand in hand in future parks and sunny days.
Living has only now begun.
With you beside me.
As it always should have been.
My Love.

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