Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Do You Like What You See?

Do You Like What You See? 

A world lost in irony. Our leaders basking while teaching a new form of tyranny. Armies now in center stage, surrounding the places of freedom, for our own lost rights. Governments playing roles in some unknown game of life. Taking what they can and leaving nothing for the rest. While laughing. Pretending to be the best. Dice and bones, dust and stones. Old world mentality gripping the new world ideology. Amping up their legacy before the money runs dry, before they lose the high. People wonder confused, while doing nothing. Bringing our strife between flocks, their quest shunting. The warlords plunder, their call trumping sunder. Snakes on pulpits promising the gates of heaven, while draining the pocketbooks of today. Oil in the shelves designed with mans more gentler mind, causing sterility in the eugenics point of view. All for you. 

Do I like what I see? 

The Global elite harvesting during infancy. With people confused on individually. And Truth held in secrecy? Unity becoming an abandoned tool. Most To afraid to to face the world without a stable profit margin. Poverty levels rising, while food bank handouts cooking in the oven. People killing for their share, while voices lost without a care. What is precious, all bits of life. Now pushed aside for corporations rights. This world I see before me is getting backwards in its view. Chasing only certain rights as global revolutions lay strewed. This planet is one, the lines drawn aren't really defined. This debt we are living in are built by our own design. These Armies Building in the war for freedom, marching to the drum of a different beat. Kicking and stamping as the media puts everyone to sleep. Ouroboros, your meaning lost in time. We are not whole, we are separate by design. We are fighting wars within our minds. We are chasing the hands of time. Off coarse and idle no more. No I do not like what I see, a world lost in fallacy. Harvesting with misery. Truth stained by tyranny  A strange world drunk in indecency. Morals set progressively, forgetting our humanity. All From My view. All For the few. All laid out for you and me.

Not For me, No. This is not designed for me. 

Our Life an entire circle to see the ripple of our mistakes. Each inner circle questioning what we already know. How little we let it show. Endless reputation, as we all we keep falling back on ourselves. Forgetting the gifts of life. Forgetting all our rights. Without the knowledge of each other we are only speaking to ourselves. A message that falls on empty ears. Let us not turn back on ourselves, let the motion entrance our lives. Let not others tell you what to do, do it because you know it feels right. Let your voices speak away this fright. Let not the darkness beat the light. 
Love is always worth the fight.
All for you.

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