Thursday, January 3, 2013

Love Thy Self! Bullies of the World.

I like to spread my blogs in a fashion that seems erratic, jumping from comedy, poetry and then real life stories. Today we are going into the real, today we are talking about bullies. With this subject, it will require a lot of truth, many things that would seem private, but needs to be talk about, with such a sensitive subject...

I was a victim of bulling.

It first started with my farther, then it just went down the line through my brothers and sisters, as they were victims from him also. My Father was a victim of bulling from his farther, he also had ears that stuck out to no end, and we all know how children are in school. They are ruthless.

Usually with most abuse, it comes from others doing it to them first. Now please don't think I am using this as an excuse, I have never bullied someone. I understood that doing this to someone else, would only make them feel the same way I did. And the truth is, I wouldn't want anyone living what I lived through.

                                                        We must always try to break the cycle.

The thing about bullies is that they will always be around. There will always be someone who is mean, many are just acting out from what they we taught, or lived through. To fight bullying is going to take more then just banning it in schools, it will take teaching respect, love and equality. It will take you to stop being the cycle, to stop hurting others, teaching hate or just being an ass when you really don't need to be one. we all need to have the same right as everyone else. to be able to grow without pressure to be what our parents and peers want us to be. And to love thy self.

Love thy self is the big one. To see another, to help them grow is better then teaching who comes first. We should all walk beside each other, not trample the ones "You" perceive weak. Also it should be NO ones business who sleeps with who and how one acts. If they are not harming anyone then it is none of our business in what they do or believe. Being against a person because you belief tells you so, only shows that your belief is teaching anger. If your belief is of a loving god, then let him show his wrath, just do like your god says and love everyone. No matter who they are. Using religion or personal choice is still pushing your views on another. Why out of all the millions of the people in this world, should your anger decide how others should live???

Spreading hate, secrets, and backstabbing one another will only bring this world to a darker place then it already is. If you speak of love, then show it. If you speak of hate, then keep it to yourself. Stop the hurt.

I was picked on for all my childhood. I never had a day at home or at school people bugged me because of my love and compassion to everyone. I was called gay for loving everyone. Fag! Gay! Cock Sucker! Words that flung from the mouths of my peers, family and friends on a daily basis. From home to school to back home again, the pain was never ending. By 9 I started cutting myself. By 12 I was a full blown alcoholic and wanting to die. Was I gay? No, but if I was it still doesn't matter, because who I am or what I was is never an excuse to bully. I spent my life trying to kill myself because everyone told me I was wrong in someway. Wrong to believe in the things that I do. Wrong in my music my clothes and my appearance  Does it have anything to do with them? No. That is the point. It was only to this 2012 that I finally stated to love myself. That is 24 years of hating myself, hurting myself because I didn't see the beauty from all the pain I held inside.

I wanted to die, and that was my biggest mistake. I let them in my head, let their hate grow within me till my own refection was a curse upon me. Don't follow me. I was lucky that life didn't want to let me go, and for many this is not an option handed to them. School is rough. Work is rough, Life is rough. Without these patches of roughness we forget the little things that matter. You and me. That we all matter, no matter what anyone thinks. I love you, I may not have met you but I love your strength, agility and heart. Even those who hurt, I still love you, I understand that the pain you hold must be hard to deal with, maybe just talk to someone about it, look in the mirror and say how much you really love yourself.

Put yourself in their shoes, think before you speak on how much your words can scorn or uplift another. Don't yell for someone not having your understanding. If you are a boss then teach them the proper way instead of singiling them out and ridiculing them in front of others. Work children, in many ways is no different then the playground. Even adults deal with abuse on a daily basis. Your mean parent could have been hurt from their parents, or a boss or co worker and instead of dealing with the issue they talk it out on someone else. The vicious cycle of abuse. Stop The Cycle, let love through.

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