Sunday, June 10, 2012

Another Sunday Morning coffee thought...

Talking today about morality and virtue, the simplest of human traits. Easily ignored and seldom seen. Almost not present for something better, something easier to look at.

What have we given for the ignorance of another, what price have we sold our brothers and sisters for. Is virtue on a dollar sign to reach those heights just like the idols we lift so high. To gain status as a commodity for the price of human life. Does homes built on the bones of the slaves stand a better chance then a home built on the rock of ones own faith. Do lies build better walls, or does incomprehension of ones narcissistic reflection deem it alright to fuck another for their own personal game...

As morpheus said "Do you think that's air your breathing now?"

The reality of it all, the lies that create a broken system and the dammed for believing it. Can one be blamed for ignoring the true state of humanity? Most still ask themselves what can I do... Eight billion people asking what can we do... What Can I Do... Everything!

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