Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mythos of the Easter Egg and it's Little Humping Bunny.

Today I decided to follow the white rabbit and take a look down the rabbit hole on this holiday called easter and I"m sure like million others you know that these weekend symbolises the death and resurrection of Jesus. However did you ever ask yourself why the eggs and what is with the white rabbit? Before I go any further I want to leave you with one more meme...

As I first started digging I found some interesting tales of the easter egg, and why christians paint them. Now this is only a couple stories I first started reading, their truth is by faith alone. So as one of the stories goes Mary Magdalene arrives at the site of Jesus's grave with a basket of eggs to feed the mourners. Once she noticed the rock was moved and Jesus's body was not in the tomb she looked an noticed that all the white hardboiled eggs she was carrying have all turned red. So that is where that one came from. I also read that Mary Magdalene ran to rome to tell them that Jesus has risen and one of the Roman council stated "Jesus is no more risen then this egg is red" and the egg turned red. Now I also read of one time Mary gave eggs to the soldiers at the cross. She entreated them to be less cruel and she wept. The tears of Mary fell on the eggs, marking them with dots of brilliant colour. So it is easy to see how the christians ran with this symbol, likening it to the tomb or the mythos off the painted egg. =Now we all know how Roman Emperor Constantine merged Pagan and Christian symbolism to coincide together. The egg however was revered as a symbol of rebirth and new life by pagans in Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures. According to some myths people believed that the earth was hatched from a giant egg, while Some thought that the heavens and the earth were formed from two halves of an egg. The Greeks, Chinese, Persians, and Egyptians use to give one another dyed eggs each Spring to symbol the rebirth of the earth after a long winter. Now None of these have been proven, many different cultures have their own views on decorating eggs but they all share a common theme, a new birth. Since Birds and rabbits both start producing new life it only makes sense to use these symbols but Then I kept looking...

Now the rabbit is where all the true interest is, not like that whole egg story wasn't amazing or crazy, wherever your faith or logic lies is up to you. The hare back in the medieval was believed to be a  hermaphrodite since No one understood that the rabbit can get pregnant while being pregnant.  And the idea that a rabbit could reproduce without loss of virginity led many to the image of the Virgin Mary. Many European Painting and manuscripts depicted the Image of the hare so I kept on reading when I started falling even further down.

Then I read this; IT IS NOT A BUNNY!!!!!

For centuries now, the Masonic Movement and their Papal buddies have tried to alter the truth. The Easter Bunny is not a Bunny, synonymous of “rabbit”.

It is a HARE

The Easter “Bunny” symbolism has a pre-Christian European origin, as in fact has much of “Easter”. “Easter"or “Oster” is derived from the spring celebration of the goddes Ostare or Eostre, goddess of life and fertility. Two of her symbols, tying in with the fertility aspect, are eggs and a hare.

It really is a hare, not a bunny. Hares are native species to Western and Central Europe where the tradition stems from.

Rabbits on the other hand are originally non-native to this part of the world. Before the Roman era they were native to Iberia (Spain & Portugal) only. They were deliberately introduced to the rest of Europe during the Roman occupation, probably as a source of food as well as fur for the Roman legions. So the European “wild” rabbit in reality is a feral rabbit.

Somehow, the evil forces have conspired to rip the respectful Hare of its rightful place, and replace it with the evil symbol of the Bunny. This is actively pushed by the NWO and their tight grip on the media. Ever noticed the amount of bunnies in cartoon series? The way children are indoctrinated to find bunnies “cute”? It’s all a scam. The Bunny is just the symbol of power, harking back to the Empire of Rome. The Illuminati have used it as their symbol ever since.

Not everywhere they did succeed. In Northwest Europe, some part of the population still stubbornly clings to the old venerable Hare. In Holland for example, it is explicitly the Easter Hare bringing the eggs, not a bunny.

The Easter ‘Bunny”: it is a big hoax perpetrated over the centuries with the help of the Illuminati and Masons. By revering that evil bunny, we rever the dawn of a vast empire held together by strong military force, as exemplified by the old Roman Empire. It symbolizes the dawn of World domination, the goal of the Illuminati and NWO.

We must stop this! Restore the friendly Hare, symbol of life and fertility and not military power, to its rightful place!

I just kept falling and falling, finding more gems like this:

I have heard the argument that the Easter egg and the bunny is suppose to be designed to take the day away from christ to Worlds coming from eggs but I kept falling and falling down even slippery roads. So I just decided to just say Fuck It, Happy hump weekend see you monday I'm going to roll a joint.

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