Monday, April 9, 2012

Follow me!

Locked in the flow of spring laying in the grass licking my wounds of the long winter freeze. leaves dance before my eyes as a child hands me a flower. The tear blinding my world as the sun reflects the pain I'm giving away. Clutching to this memory, I roll down a sloped hill laughing as my inner child becomes anew. The child follows behind seeking attention in the most basic need. "Follow me" he screams!

I see this sun, and the son that follows behind. He looks at me and tells me again "follow me" This is spring again, this is the beginning of something new. The forces align as bright as a lotus Rose, the infinite within sparks a world of Illusion. Mystery shrouds the coming blossoms, the age of love an opening sound.

Time to follow the breeze not the storm that leads. Longing in a sea of pedals, gifts from the unborn stars. Watching bees producing beauty, watching it all underneath the trees.

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