Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My,Key - A Tale Of Space Oddities (Chapter 2)

All written on my phone while going to work.

See Here For Chapter 1...

Scared and screaming Michael attempts to climb the steep slope behind him; stumbling to get any foothold he slips and rolls back to the laughing alien.

Boy you sure aren't the brightest pick of the litter, the creature says.
Michael starts crawling sideways and bolts for his bike. Running through the field he looks back to see if he's being followed.

What you looking for?

Hearing the voice Michael starts to run quicker. He looks back again and notices he is still alone. He sees his bike leaning against the rail and heads right for it, thinking to himself that with the perfect timing he can clear the fence without stopping. He kicks off his right foot as his he attempts to clear the wire when a voice from behind him mentioning that he'll never reach it.

Now feeling less confident he stumbles on his leap and falls legs split on the sharp wire, smashing his head on the handlebars of the mountain bike. Curled up in a ball, blood pouring from his head and his nuts. The last image he remembers before dying is the alien laughing.

Michael stands in the front entrance of his grandparent’s home, the house is silent; the walls are a freshly painted in Duke blue, remembering this from the collages searches he has been applying to. A song is playing from the living room down the hallway, something he has heard before but can't quite remember. He takes a step amid right when his foot hits the floor the sound of a party emerges from the same room as the music.

He calls again but the party seems too loud to be able to hear anything. He takes off his shoes and puts them on the mat, he starts to go towards the living room when he notices that his feet are covered in a dark sticky liquid and he is leaving foot tracks as he goes. He stops instantly and tries to step back, walking in the exact steps as before when he notices his grandma coming out of the bathroom to the right. She smiles and walks past him, she looks down and sees the stain on the floor. Bending down she sticks her finger in the goo then takes a lick.

You're leaking plasma child, go see grandpa he should be able to fix you up. Where is grandpa, is he throwing a party? No there is no party, it's a funeral dear. Go inside and make a sandwich, there is a tray of meats up front.

Michael walks over to the French doors of the next room and opens them to find that the living room has now become the school gymnasium. In the middle of the room is a white coffin, surrounding it is everyone he has ever known; it seems the entire town decided to show up. He walks over to his grandpa who is handing him a plate and takes it.

Thanks papa, Michael says with a slight embarrassed look, What this? Who's funeral is this papa?

Well boy this is your funeral, but don't fret, come gets something to eat. They both walk over to a line that goes all the way to the coffin.

His papa looks over and says, "I don't know about you but I'm starving" he says. You don't find meat this rare often, the chief says it's the mixed breed that makes it so tasty. His pops reaches over and puts a bun on his and Michael plate. He looks over and sees his classmates laughing and joking around, I guess this isn't such a sad occasion. No the burnt old man says, this is more a brunch then a funeral. He looks over again, Cyndi the woman of his dreams is smiling at him. He stands up a bit and looks to his shoes and notices the slime that was on them before has somehow turned into a black kind of crimson mud. Embarrassed he tries to hide one foot using the other as a shield. She smiles and mouths, bon app├ętit!

As the line starts to get closer he notices a wonderful smell in the air. A mixture of bacon, roast beef and pizza fills the air. All his favorites wafting past his nose he starts to anticipate the coming meal. He thinks if this tastes as wonderful as it smells he must be in heaven, or at least a close second. His grandfather pulls out a slab of meat and puts it on a bun and hands the knife to him. He says thanks and peers in the coffin to see the feast that smells so good. The knife falls from his hands and slowly tumbles to the floor, what he sees is beyond any type of understanding. He stumbles back as a hand grabs him from behind and pushes him forwards. Nope, it's your turn boy dig in.

Yea says the body that lay’s in the coffin, to good to have a taste, The body says. To Michael’s shock, within the coffin is another him. This one is wearing a lovely suit and seems to be engaged in cutting small slabs of his brain with a small carving knife.

Here it says and brings the knife to his eye, maybe if you eat this you will have a better sense of where your going, and starts to slice up the pretty blue eye that sits in the other his head.

Michael stumbles back gripping with fear, the entire room empties of sound. The townsfolk all turn to stare at him, his gym teacher walks up and grabs his elbow. What you don't like the feast? He says as his grip gets tighter. Everything we've done for you and you can't even appreciate it. You should be more grateful then your constant whining about leaving this place. We are your family, we have kept you safe however after this show of disrespect I think it's time to bury the trash.

All of a sudden the crowd turned and started dumping their plates back in the coffin, a few more hands gather around Michael body as the start to lift him off the ground. What are you doing, let me go. I didn't ask for this meal, I didn't ask to be born in this hick town, I didn't ask for your safety and protection, let me down. They twist him and carry him to the open casket, his meal double smiles, you should have tasted me while you had the chance. You'll be hungry after awhile up there. The hands let go and drop him on top of himself. Please stop, please stopppp.

He opens his eyes and notices that he is still screaming. His body is covered in sweat. He reaches to his head and feels for an open wound but only finds a headache, then he remembers his balls and both hands go right down to check if he still has any. He is in his bed, the clock on the counter shows 11:11. Was it all a dream he thinks as he lifts his head off the pillow. He looks and notices that he is in his pyjamas, he just doesn't remember putting them on.

Michael stands and the room starts to spin, he sits down right away before he falls. Once the motion sickness leaves him, he gets up and walks to the door. The bedroom door of his mothers is open, and he sticks his head in. The slight sound of slumber drifts from her mouth. Something seems off thou, the light in her room seems too bright, he rubs his eyes and looks around. Everything seems so much clearer, he can read the small clock in the kitchen which he could never before, unless he was five feet away. It says 11:11. He walks over to the kitchen to look out the window; he pulls the blinds back to reveal a sky open with stars, each one brighter then the next. They seem to dance in the torrent black sky.

He walks out into the open night, the sound of the crickets seems to surround all around. The sky is a brilliance he has never seen before. The stars are so bright he almost feels like he can touch them. This can’t be real…

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