Monday, February 13, 2012

Gentle while I'm gone

These walls have grown so long, I can't reach the heights of offering.

My mind is wearing thin, this insanity has me locked away.
I run from the darkened streets, your ghost seems to follow anyways. 
This room has grown so dim, i can't see the love you're offering. 
I'll miss you when I'm gone, the tears have all but washed away.

My time is fading in, just dead hands on the clock these days.
I was painted red with sin, a death that can't be washed away.
I sought the answers within, to find a head of games to play.
You asked me why I'm gone, your actions have lost my way.

You are my desire, the strength that holds the bind.
My world and my passion, eyes that are so kind.
Gentle while I'm gone, I am only trying to find my way
You can't leave me when I'm gone, who will help me find today.

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