Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Balance Of It All

Artist: Amiria Gale 

Trust.... It seems to be a rare commodity nowadays. People programed to self, hurting someone is everyday news with no courtesy of respect. Respect... what the does even mean, just like the word sorry if it's said without heart it has no meaning. Just short wasted words lost in time. Time... is just an illusion to keep us running. No time to relax, no time for love. Wasting away this one shot at life to make another rich, unable to ever know what's it like to be free. Freedom... To live, To be able to be finally happy knowing that others were being given that same right. We're to happy being in debt, to happy running this maze, building these towers to block the sky. Fighting to get to the top of the food chain. All with built up walls. I still can't find the crack in my wall, I just don't know if I'm the one in the asylum or has it been you all along. Maybe I'm not as crazy as I thought, maybe it's not alright to murder, hurt, kill, beat people. And what you are doing is the real crazy. What if people loving each other is not a lunatics thought? And your hate is the real lunacy. What is trust, am I safe to give you my soul in small font. To hand you my life experiences for you to judge, hand you my head for all to get a better look. I spent so many of my years walking down empty highways talking to myself, who knows what could be in there. I spent my entire life within my mind, I built a wall when I was a kid and locked my mind away while murdering my heart. Small sacrifices for the role I play. By the way Has anyone got a script? I've been doing this improve and the crowd doesn't seem at all amused. Well who says it all about the crowd, for me it's all in the details. The balance of it all. 

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