Monday, May 15, 2017

A Fork In The Road (A video story)

My Name is Richard, and this is my first time blogging so bare with me. I have left the big city, quitting my job and leaving the office behind. I have been separated for two years, my wife leaving me for my business partner. I have three kids all out of the house and none of them have the time to call me. I understand, as I was never around when they were growing up. Now that I am all alone I decided to grow my hair long, stop shaving and learn horticulture. I was invited by a nice family to work and learn on their farm, strange for someone who is turning 39 in August. Well I wasn't happy and you have to be happy in life right? As I am writing this I am on the ocean on the west coast. In British Columbia Canada. Marijuana is becoming legal soon in Canada, and I wanted to get a jump on the cash cow that will come from it. First I need to know how to grow, and my city boy experience couldn't keep a potted plant alive. We will arrive soon so I will not do this by video blog.  Time to change my life around.

I had to stop and listen

I found the liquor store

Well now that I found town I am going to make my way to the farm. I will film when I see something more than trees.

Daily Blog day 2
Well things are off to a good start. After spending so much on a phone plan that guaranteed me coverage, the signal died way before I arrived at the farm. And I didn't even make it. By the time I noticed I had taken the wrong turn, the sun was setting and I had hit the beach. Really it is not that hard to find a beach on a small island. I turned around and started walking back until I was not able to see in front of me. I left the road stumbling to get over a ditch, only to find that I picked the only path that had a deep embankment. I slipped and I think I lost my glasses. I don't know, I can't really remember. To keep myself warm I got into the bottle of Ardberg. I am not a survivalist by any means. I had a rain jacket in my backpack, so I huddled to a tree, plugged in my cell phone to my solar powered backpack to change and I got drunk. I didn't sleep much, and I think I was a feast to many bugs in the night, I still did fall asleep. And I am grateful for that.