Wednesday, November 9, 2016

And The Winner Is...

Donald Trump. Yes that is right, the Don is sitting in the big chair. If this is anything like the election it will be a circus, and I think Donald himself is shitting his pants right now. Thinking that they had the election in the bag with Hillary. I mean who else could lose against Clinton but Trump. No one in their right mind would vote Trump? Well that is the thing, even Trump looks like a saint to middle class Christian America than Hillary and all her crimes, and yes she has so so many. The emails were only a distraction from everyone else looking at her real past. You have to remember that those who really control America own both parties. This war Machine has been running longer than anyone of us can remember and it does not stop by the presidents hand alone.

And if Trump will win (and please this is only my opinion) we will see mass hysteria, more riots and a police presence greater than we have ever seen before. We will have social unrest and chaos. There will be more safe spaces built than walls in the next few years and we will see a new change coming into play. See they own both tosses of the coin and we keep playing the same game over and over again. If they cannot keep milking the system, they will seek change. That is why there is so much separation and division among America, you are at each others throats. This will only take that spark and turn it into a fire. Now the question I wonder is what way it will go.

Think of the president as the emblem on a nice new car. They stand out, they are the brand which the company is trying to sell you but they have no real function other than to look pretty. Now the body is America itself, and it is portrayed as slick and shiny, smooth and well designed. Something everyone wants, and the ads are forced on you constantly... Now the emblem and the car and minimal function, it is the machine underneath that runs everything, and they don't mess around. I saw two outcomes to this election. One Hillary would win and I even declared it on facebook before the final results, and admitting my shock afterwards mind you... I make many mistakes and am happy to admit them. Now with her win Wall Street and Corporate America would run as smooth as ever. Nothing would change, more debt, more poverty.

Trump is now the President and we can only wait and see how over reacted everyone becomes. Will you play their Narrative and burn your neighborhoods down or will you understand that this system is too corrupt to change it with hood ornaments? Because that is what they want, they couldn't have the gravy train so they are taking one of chaos and destruction. While they sit in their ivory towers from up high. The choice is up to you, keep playing this stupid game or start looking out for everyone. Trying to bring real change by just trying to understand that we all have different opinions, that doesn't mean we have to be assholes to one another. We will need to calm our asses down before we start hurting people who have no interest in ideologies or beliefs. they are only seeking safety and security for their family in this corrupted world.

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