Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Sunday Write with a Political Hangover...

Well here we are, Sunday and five days after the American elections. And where are we now? Before I get into politics as I am tired myself of talking about, we will look over the last few months in the world around us.

For me as a writer I have always loved the stories of Atlantis. A thriving island that disappeared mysteriously off the map. Of coarse the new age hype that comes with the stories have tarnished the true story itself, science might have found out what really happened to this island. This is a map found in the Minoan Settlement under the ash of Santorini, depicting a thriving island in the Mediterranean.

 Well science use to believe that a volcano collapsing on itself was the cause of the great tsunami that wiped out a many people and the fall of a few civilizations in 1650BC, now they have evidence that the Volcano might have exploded a large magnitude of lava (Or Pyroclastic flow), creating a large Tsunami of steam and water. Now this does not give truth of Atlantis, or the stories told by Plato. This does show how such a violent eruption can change the face of humanity. And a reminder that this world is a ever changing world and what we hold as value now can easily be gone the next. I myself live on the ring of fire and find this changing evolution of our planet fascinating and scary all the same. As I am writing now, New Zealand just had a 7.3 earthquake and I wish the best for the survival of the people in the area. In such hard times is when we put our differences aside and work together. It is a shame that only in desperation are we willing to work together.

Oh, for myself I finally watched Stranger Things. I am not one to watch a lot of TV and usually am the one people glare at like idiots when I tell them I have not watched game of thrones, or the walking dead. Or anything else that relies heavily on drama to sell the story. After constant news and people talking about it, that helped me bury the idea of watching it until I got a glimpse of the premise of the show. I was a kid in the 80's, I played D&D with my friends everyday and rode my bike. And they did a great job bringing me back, oh the sweet taste of memberberries... I have to say this got me interested in maybe looking at another series, I just don't know which. Oh I agree with South Park also, the new Star Wars was a lame ripoff and as cool as it was it still kinda sucked. I try to watch it grinding my teeth looking for something new. Now of coarse I am not trying to sell you the show, as I always say "TV rots the brain children" however a good story can take you anywhere. And that is the power and strength of a good story.

I also produced another song, so this part will be a little self advertisement...

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Now is where I start talking politics, you can either skip right now and I thank you for reading this far or keep reading. These are my opinions and they change constantly, so I am not saying that my opinion is a good one, just one of many in this large beautiful world. I might have a question at the end if you would like to help me with? That would be great. Now as we become this sheltered version of society I will explain that I hold no religion, however see the benefits of all religions and beliefs that promote a positive message. I hold no political view and would consider myself anarchist except I understand human nature and the dominate belief in hierarchy that has been ingrained on us. Yes we will always have some asshole thinking he is better than everyone else or being a bully. I also am not left or right. I usually would consider myself pretty left leaning except what the left has become has left a sour taste in my mouth, so now I am a just a seeker of peace.

In my last post I gave a few ideas of what would happen after Trump gets elected and it seems that the people have chosen to burn their own neighborhoods than confront the reality of it all. The right and left are both screaming hate, people are getting beaten up because of their opinions, and gatherings are picking up with a small majority acting like spoiled children. Again people, the president has very little power. Did you not notice this with your pal Obama? When it comes down to it, the corporate interests hold more power than the president himself. Look I do not like Trump, he is a idiot with a large ego. The man should not even be in office and if the DNC didn't screw Bernie over he wouldn't be. You would have to have Satan or Hitler himself to run against Hillary for her to shine as the better candidate. Do you not understand that the Russian government celebrated Trump's election because they now know that they won't be going to war with America. Hillary was set with her now fly zone policy in Syria, and now the media is fueling the fire against Russia.

If Hillary was honest she might have won, except she wasn't and no one wanted to elect a liar. Between the DNC and the media, and the fact so many didn't like both choices, this election was given to him.It was the media who controlled this election with their false attack against Trump that helped him get where he was at. It is the media that only centers on Black deaths from the hands of police to help fuel the separation that is already tearing us from the seams. It is the media now who is helping push the narrative of angry left wing or right wing groups attacking people. As always they use fear to control, fear to create anger. And yes I constantly talk about how fucked the system is and as much as I would like to see change, I don't see how hurting others is going to accomplish it. To have a successful revolution you need to have the people united. Maybe if someone disagrees with you stop calling them a racist, homophobic misogynistic and try to find why they have such differences of opinion. Find a road where one can agree on where we might be able to talk about real change. This block anyone who disagrees with me mentality is building walls quicker than Trump could ever imagine. Stop blaming one color on the crimes of their ancestors, stop telling people how to think and act. Let us live the now and let history remind us of our past aggression, not you everyday. It's not helping. The person who disagrees with you is not literally Hitler...

We need to open lines of communication and start looking for something small in a large world that might just be the building blocks of finding more things we can agree on. We don't need to agree on everything to bring change, we just need to agree that we will listen to others opinions. Be open to agree or disagree is a civil manner and we might have a chance of doing great things.

Now on a lighter note I have a question about writing and stories. Do you think it is better to try to sell your stories, to get published or can a person find success from writing stories like I do now. Free and open. I have a story that wants to surface and my heart and mind are telling me to put it here, my bank account and pocket book are telling me different. Should I try to sell a novel to the world that every other writer is doing, or share it here for people to escape and walk in another world?

Thank you all for reading this far and I welcome your comments.