Friday, March 1, 2013

Did I mention I am a klutz?

                                                                  oil painting by Thomas Hudson Connell

Good Day my friends, it has been awhile since I last was here. I've been kinda laid up. Just finished having knee surgery, an old wound from the past. Now trying to get my knee back to its former glory. A long ago in a time of drunken debauchery, i was offered a trip to go skiing in Alberta. Being from the flatland's of Saskatchewan, where the highest hill was an old garbage dump that was covered over called Mount Pleasant  I had no experience in what I was about to do. I told my friend that I've never done this before, and have only cross country skied  in the past. He assured me that they were relatively the same and proceeded to talk me into going down a blue hill for my first ride... How stupid I was that day (and sober to boot) I decided to follow him.

Well everything was going smooth until I hit the top of the slope. The first two minutes I had fallen twice, and looking more the fool as children sped past me, I decided to keep going. A minute later, my knee was bent towards my face backwards and I was drooling like a baby. I had to get a snowmobile with medical help to pick me up and take me to the medical ward at the ski resort. Being that we just arrived and was not really wanting to take a 3 hour ambulance ride to the hospital (It would have costed me a fortune) and not really wanting to get my friends to take me home, I proceeded to lie to the doctor when he asked me if I could walk. I remember tears rolling down my eyes as I bite my lip and told them that everything was ok. Then right afterwards, hit the bar and got really drunk to numb the pain I was going through at the time. That was in 1999 and from that moment on, I was unable to run, jump or do any of the crazy sports I had enjoyed over the years. I went to the hospital that night, and the reaction from the doctors upset me enough to ignore their plea to get this fixed right away, I did what I usually did, act stubborn and forgot about it.

On November of 2012 I had just spent a few minutes talking to my wife on the phone. I was still living in Tofino, trying to build an eco village and we were discussing how soon it would be before we were to see each other again. I was giddy and bouncy and left the conversation with a smile on my face, as I ran in the dark to my cabin in the woods. I had a few to drink and wasn't feeling much pain, I forgot the barricade that someone placed in front of the driveway so people couldn't park in that spot and took a spill. Rehashing my old injury to a point of no return. Of coarse being a little drunk I ignored the pain and proceeded to party through the night. Oh the pain is still fresh in my mind when my mind and body became sober...

Well now I am sitting here, staring out my window after doing some workouts wondering when I will be able to run and jump and do stupid things again. The pain is less now, my first 4 days were tough, my fifth day I had a blood clot explode in the bottom of my heel, giving me the worst pain I have ever experienced in my life, but I survived. I am hoping to be back with some good stories, once I am able to go pick up a nice bag full of medicine again (the good stuff) it always helps me with my minds imagination.

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