Monday, May 14, 2012

Fuck off... (I was drinking)

What is really different from this new world then from the last, the rich get rich the poor kill each other, And the highness sits on a throne waving for blood. Tired times when we complain about people bitching about people starving. Fuck your flag and your bullshit freedom. The only freedom you're pushing is in the form of forced opinions, something everyone is willing to wage a war for. If there is no god then who is really at fault but yourselves, or are you saying you don't know anyone hurting right now... Selfish self-righteous stick in the muds. The moment is now, the savior is you, stop making excuses for a handful of oppressors. Stop making excuses for your bullshit, your ideas on a better world, if you knew what a better world was you wouldn't be forcing yours on me. The time of spoiled kings have long ago made their mark, it is time for us to rise. Time to stop the lies, the blaming and living in the past.

Believe in what you want, follow what god you will just please stop telling me how to live my life, please stop starving my family so you can get fat. I love you all but fuck off...

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