Monday, April 2, 2012

There Is No Uncertainty With This Market, It Is Designed To Crash.

So they say the financial forecast calls for uncertainty with chances of growth. Most even say it with a straight face, you can hardly tell they are lying their asses off. To be uncertain about the state of affairs we are in now, is to be blind to the world that is around you. If you stop from your ordinary lives for just a moment and really look around, you can see the blatant truth of it all. Their making us broke.

This system that they created called capitalism was designed to fall. Nothing so destructive could ever survive, let alone flourish. We now have already passes the peak an now just reaching off the side of a cliff trying to grab as much as we can before we plument to a total financial collapse and the end of the dollar. An end to everything we know and the control of a world under one central bank. 

Now I'm not going to get into any conspiracy or talk about secret organizations. There is So much of it out there I'm sure you can find that on your own, I am just talking about things that I know today and the collapse of the dollar is imminent. 

They have always said that there needs to be few things to happen before this could ever happen, one of them being an underlying weakness within the economy and if you have been paying attention the world is drowning in debt. Lets look at American currency for an example. 

Since 2002 and 2012 the American dollar has declined against the Euro by 54% since the US debt has tripled from 5.9 trillion to 15 trillion.  Even in Canada the American dollar has become par, as fluctuations have been on the rise and decline over the years. Most business would rather not accept it at all. 

Then add the flaunting of wealth and the need for global control, you can see why most other countries are backing away from it and going towards creating a "New" global lender. Stepping away from the IMF and world bank. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa have all agreed to pay all loans out in their own currency. Stating that the world bank and the IMF (international monetary fund) have "outlived their usefulness" which was stated at this years 2012 BRICS Summit.  

With the world backing away from America and the debt it keeps consuming the fall is already here. They just haven't accepted it yet. 

The second would be if they had an alternative currency to fall back on.

The idea of E-commerce has become a big thing in other parts of the world, more then a quarter of Africa use their cell phones for all banking needs. Even now they are testing barcodes that you can scan with your phone from vending machines and the money comes right out of your account. 

The third would be something that would cause a triggering event, something to bring the world to complete confusion before we single handily sign away all our rights for safety and security. That is a who knows scenario, and I promised to not mention conspiracy cough false flag cough cough... 

Now you might be sitting there wondering why is this a bad thing, a cashless society would bring many advantages. Crime would be cut considerably since they couldn't sell it without anyone knowing. Prostitution, drugs, illegal gambling, all the things that our governments are fighting against Cough cough "Bullshit" cough cough would be done away. And yes I understand where you might be coming from however these people who want to come in and save us are the same people who are screwing us now. 

They have no heart for me or you. We are only as important as our value and just a burden otherwise. To take out a few of us to keep themselves rich would be nothing to the likes of them. They want us homeless, they want us in fear. The have separated us so far now that we have become like animals in a cage fighting for a better prize. Anger is their weapon and they are wielding it on us daily. Our children desensitized and restless, becoming soldiers from the games they play. add just a controller and you will have millions of unmanned drones taking the skies, fighting for another mans view of freedom. 

Well a storm is brewing and all our boats are rockin, even corporations are cutting back, closing stores and creating a bigger impact on the joblessness in the world. Lineups for waiters jobs with ivy league resumes, social security trying to balance the wave of unemployed that seems to never end. Consumerism with credit, creating a visa world with a mastercard to pay for it all.

Right now there are many things happening to force change, to push this agenda into full control. One is the global unrest with Occupy and the Arab Spring which will be in full bloom within the following weeks. The other is the complet lack of faith within our own governments and the corruption that is helping it decay. Plunging us in a state of plutocracy. 

I am going to try to stay away from negative opinions so I will make mine short. I think it is too late, the wolves are already in the door. This revolution is being controlled by the same people who are doing all the damage, and we're too busy trying to save the world to notice who is steering. They have separated us with everything from beliefs (which is nobody's business) skin colour (Not like we really had a choice in the matter) and wealth (only to flaunt it in our face) The noose is already around our necks, it has been since the 90's we were just to self obsessed to notice. 

There is a revolution coming, but it's not this one. It will be the one when everyone notices that the security they have chosen comes with too big a price. When lack of rights outweighs uncertainty. When police, military and religious all put down their own personal goals and seek to enrich the lives of their fellow humans. A world not of greed but of understanding. Where we go back to the progress of humanity and not the profit. Where one will not grow fat while millions starve. 

I will leave you with one vision of the future, one that has already infested the minds of millions and personally made me puke in my mouth. If you don't want to watch this video I will leave the lyrics below it. We really don't have to live like this, all we need to do first is to get hollywood to stop shaping our world. Then stop the separation and bring back the real love.

==Black Eyed Peas -Now Generation

We are the now generation

We are the generation now

This is the now generation

This is the generation now

I want money

I want it, want it, want it

Fast internet,

Stay connected in a jet

Wi-fi, Podcast

Blastin' out a SMS

Text me and I text you back
Check me on that iChat
I'm all about that http
You're a PC I'm a Mac

I want it

Myspace and yourspace

Facebook is a new place

Dipdivin', socializin'

And I'll be out in cyberspace

Google is my professor
Wikipedia checker
Checkin' out my account
Loggin' in and loggin' out

Baby, I want it now

This is the now generation

This is the generation now

We are the now generation

I want, I want, I want it now

I want cold hard cash
I want, I want, I want it now

And I just can't wait

I need it immediately

And I just can't wait

I want it immediately

Cause' the time can't wait and

I sure can't wait
I ain't got no patience
No, I sure can't wait
Not today

We are the now generation

We are the generation now

This is the now generation

This is the generation now

I want money

I want cold hard cash
I'll take your dollar and your euro
And go and have a blast
So take your debt and your credit and
Stick it up your ass

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