Saturday, March 10, 2012

Understanding Perfection

What is the true definition of perfection, a goal destined for humanity to never to achieve?
A bar raised to high for the likes of a destructive race of self-centered ideas. This mission to stumble and fall when the first opportunity arrives. Calls to be like someone who gave his all.

I understand imperfection, i was born an imperfect child in an imperfect world.
Understanding as human nature to strive to greatness is only setting us up for the fall.
To follow the likes of people proclaiming themselves to be perfect is to also to live in their lie.
My words are not perfect; my life is far from that tree, giving it all i have only wanted to be free. I have been running from my idea or self-purpose of how life should be,
Trying to give and never to take for the fall and dust my self off for the next fall.

I will never be perfect, i can not strive for that goal or that great road, i can not live that lie.
You can follow and criticize when your hero’s stumble and then mock in open court, seeing someone who can admit his or her faults is the greatest achievement. It means they understand that they are only human and that the best we can be.

Not letting the anger and greed create monsters, trying not to be placed on that pedestal.
I will only jump from great heights I am man i was designed to fall.

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