Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thoughts Of Labels...

So humanity what are we going to do now that we've labeled everything? Love just a chemical reaction, Heaven just a blast of DMT withdrawing from your brain to guide you to the next plane, after all there are more worlds then this.

Everything has a reason, everyone has an answer, nothing in the universe by design, just random particles playing about. Mystery of the mind slowly wanting more. (well mine anyways)  Magic gone to smoke and mirrors as Women sit on empty phone lines waiting to tell you your future for 24.99, same woman that night moaning how she wants you so bad for a fifty.

We're proud of our labels, we walk proudly showing our stamps, herded into specified social groups. We've become walking billboards for overly priced products we don't really need, but janie just got a prada... Conform or be a nonconforming conformist, your double standard is atrocious. Singing the newest song they want you to love. Designer idols selling you promises of being together, baby baby baby oh! I would feel uncomfortable knowing my face is on someone ass, pillows to make you think its me.

I also don't think I fit the disney criteria, my virginity not so sparkling and would never sell. Fuck disney and its corporate arms of stupidity and control. Dumbing down a new breed of shoppers, an army of baristas to create you works of art in your morning addiction, ummmmm addiction, three cream two sugar yes please.

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