Thursday, February 23, 2012

These Abandoned Blogs

These days seem to be endless, one cloudy moment after the next. Still wondering what's going on, this ticker tape parade of Facebook statuses and heart shaped fingers. Streaming News of Wars of famine, while thirst of oil never ending. More Wars on drugs, prisons becoming such a booming investment. Government's becoming the biggest Drug dealers of them all, taking from one to sell to the other to fight them both.  Making us broke or overdosed, have to keep us hooked on something right everyone?..

Ah what am I saying, No one cares.  A generation hooked on materialism and shots. Keeping hollywood strong, desire and lust the ultimate dream. Just bidding time till you're the next flavor of the month. Well you could always be rich and have an image bought for you, the royals have been doing that for generations. Didn't william just save some poor soul from the cold dark ocean. (I heard from a tabloid that he put the copter on autopilot, jumped right into the stormy sea while doing a perfect reversed somersault and saved the man just before he drowned. There was no time to wait for the basket to be dropped so he dove them both under and kicked out of the water like a dolphin and landed right in, then he flew them all off just in time for tea and saved the day) Amazing chap...

Crazy isn't it, well not the flying dolphin prince but the lack of caring. My generation was no different, as my fathers and his before, all expecting someone else to clean up the mess. This endless mess but I guess I'm just bored, tired of this asinine chatter of short sentences. The discussion or interest of the world only seems to be silently fading away as the minds and voices are to busy screaming at a game on a screen. As I stare at a screen. Yelling with small posts. Crying for the lives lost in small news articles that get lost on the twitter feed. Left out here on these abandoned blogs, trying to push my mind back to sleep. Keystroke slumber.

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