Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some Videos To Beat The Valentines Day Blues.

Well for all those who are doing the alone thing tonight I set up a few videos that you can sit and amuse yourself with (Not that, that is why our world is the way it is , it's just because you touch yourself at night) No this is a collection of videos that I've found amusing, funny or just amazing I hope you enjoy.
This is just a small collection, check out more from these artists, I'm sure many will make you laugh.

This one should make you laugh. I warn you it is stupid humour.

This one is amazing graphics (warning extreme Cartoon Graphics)

This one is one amazing movie, that Involves drugs and great music.Pink Floyd "The Wall" HD Full Movie 

This movie Is the 80's version of the matrix, with the best fight scene of all time.

A little more Cartoon Comedy (extremely black humor)

And more.

I am married so I can't show you any videos of scantly dressed women but I do have this amazing spreadsheet of graphs about pies

Peace and Love Brothers

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