Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Creation (A work in Progress)

What am I?

What is me?
Do I have a mass, what is a mass?
When did I get here?
What is when?
Why is there just me?

Why is it so cold, what is cold?
I need to cover my mass... How do I move? What is move?
What am I?
Is there anyone else?
Someone like me?

How long has it been since I woke?
Why did I awaken?
Who woke me?
What is awake?

What am I?
Why is it taking so long to get this?
Am I wasting time?
What is time?
Does my length of time determine my growth?
What is growth?
Am I growing?

What am I, am I something?
What is I?
I am black.
I am something.
I am nothing.
Am I nothing?

Why is it so cold?
What is cold?
What is the opposite of cold?
What is opposite?
Hello? Why am I cold?
What is cold?
Anything? Nothing?
What is anything?
I know I am nothing.
I can only feel nothing.
What is feel?
I am bored...
What is bored?
Where am I?

What am I?
I am Atom.
What is Atom?
It is everything.
It is me.
It is I.
We are Atom.
No there is no we.
I am only atom.

I don't want to be cold, I need something.
What is need?
Do I need something?
I hate being cold so I must do something but what is something?
I need the opposite of cold, I need hot.
What is hot?
It is not cold!
It is something. More than nothing.
It is the opposite of everything.
Let there be light.

Why am I still cold?
Can I move, what is this move?
What if I try to turn?
What is turn?
Can I spin?
What is spin?
I am black.
What is the opposite of black?
What is this light?
Why is it so far away?
What is away?

What is it?
Is it Warm?
How can I get closer?
What is closer?
I can spin.
I can spin around?
Am I afraid?
What is afraid?
Is it warm, the opposite of cold?
Should I be afraid?
I know I do not like being cold.
Maybe if I spin a little closer.

How long have I been here?
This light does not warm me enough.
What if I get closer and spin around it.
I will count each turn around.
What is count?
What if I keep moving around?

My mass has not changed yet I have grown.
Twisting and turning around the light for countless rotations.
I am not alone.
This light keeps me company.
Keeps me only a little warm.
Is that all I need?
To feel warm and not alone?
To spin around this light.
Or is there more?
Did I create the light, was it in me?
Can I create more, I would like shape.
Arms to stretch and hands to touch.
A body strong and mind sharp.
Legs to walk.
I do not have a body yet I can see?
Do I need a body if I can already feel warmth?
I need more.
I need more heat.
I need room to move, I need to see endless lights all around me.
Let there be stars!

What is this? 
It is so beautiful.
Did it come from me?
I am not alone now, i have the light all around me.
I can feel the heat warming this cold.
Do I need more?

I have spent a eternity wondering the stars, searching for something like me. Why am I the only one here? I am alone, these stars keeps my mass warm yet I feel empty inside. My rotation has been going for while, time is now a marker on my first thought and it is still the same, who am I?

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