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Critical Separation - A short story

(This is just a on the fly story that popped in my head and I spent the last 4 hours trying to get out. Most of the stuff is real, all news stories and articles are truth. Just the rest is me playing with words. I have not edited it yet, my writing works on me just spilling it out and cleaning it as I go on.)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!ATTENTION FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is not clickbait, I have uncovered a massive secret that the Government has been trying to hide from us. We are at a pivotal point in the ever changing planet we call Earth, and I do not want the reader to act in fear, so please be calm.

North America is about to break in two

I am not a scientist, or a reporter so my credentials have nothing to do in these fields, I just need you to hear me out. I have been monitoring the planet for the last 5 years since the rise of technology and access to information on the internet. I first started noticing the pattern in 2010 with the rise of earthquakes in the Oklahoma Area of the Lower South of The US. I will link the video below where you will see what I found. 

As the years gained the few Earthquakes a year had become many a month. I will show you a screen capture below I took for the month of January 19 2017.

Right now we are in April and the entire Ring of Fire has been lit. Almost every Volcano is active and the USGS and the media are being silent about it. 

This is the screen shot I took on January 18. I started noticing higher activity than normal. I believe after years of research and a email I found, that the Fate of America will be one of a new continent. It be best guess look like this.

Or this

Underneath North America is a series of magma chambers that are moving, creating new fault lines while the pacific plates push against the north american plate.
Please if you are reading this message, make your way into the Northen areas of Canada. Stay away from the West Coast and Alaska.

!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!!

This is not a conspiracy, after digging for years I found a hidden email from NASA to the USGS about fractures being noticed on the Satellites. It talks of about The New Madrid and how the fault is a lot bigger than previously thought to be. All scientists who are making these claims have been silenced and are now missing. 

And now I will hit send and the people will know the truth.. 

A man sits at a computer desk, a cork board filled with Earthquake reports, Volcano activity and seismic data fill the walls. He gets up satisfied that at least his friends and family will believe him. He has never done anything chicken little before, and has always tried to research and present the truth. He gets up bumping his head again. His place is small, a shed glorified as tiny home living. He bumps the ceiling every time and his bed is just small enough that his head and feet touch the walls. He is happy, he is on high ground and feels safe. Even thou he has a suspicion that it won't help. 
He keeps a sealed pack and a winter wet suit by the door. He doesn't get many visitors up here, so he doesn't have to explain why such things are there. If he had the money he would invest in those new Earthquake Balls, that protect the person from the majority of the damage. No he has enough gear to get him through a tough season and the seeds to grow something new.

He goes and makes another coffee when his cell phone starts ringing. Yes Mom, he answers, reading the call display. Did you block me on Facebook? What, no mom why would you ask that? I have your name Stared so I get a notice every time you post something and when I went to it a couple minutes later it said post cannot be found. I tired finding you and you are not there. He grabs his phone and goes to his Facebook app. Just a glitch Mom, nothing to worry about. I didn't block you. 

I don't know what is going on Mom, let me check my computer. He walks over to his desk and brings up his Facebook.

What the fuck is going on. Mom I will call you back he says as he hangs up the phone. He sits in his chair and tries to bring up his Youtube video he posted just before Facebook.

He goes to his main page...

He rushes to his phone and calls his brother Dylan, as he grabs his backpack from under the bed. Dylan, listen to me quick. I am at the the spot we did the mushrooms 3 years ago. Do not tell anyone you have talked to me, something fucked up is going on and I think the phone is being traced. I will be leaving it behind. Get to me as quick as you can and make sure you are not being followed. 

He starts packing in a hurry, loading all his emergency supplies in the back of the farm truck. I will leave a message that I will return it he thinks, but he knows that the people he rents the property from are in Japan to visit Family. And the likely hood of him returning is becoming more unknown. Kai he thinks, I will have to message him, there could be a huge Tsunami if this happens.He loads his motorbike in the back with his Compression bow and a large supply of arrows.He gets in the truck and starts heading down the hill.

As he heads into town he remembers Thomas, the reporter from the Salt Spring Driftwood, the local newspaper. Before he leaves town and maybe the island, he must tell the story to him. He stops and gets a few more supplies and tries to show Thomas the information.

I can't run this, this is all speculation and fear mongering, Thomas says. And when did you become a expert? Look read this email and tell me what you think. This was given to me from someone following my Youtube channel who says he works for the Government and they have known since 2012. They started using the media to cover the evidence. First it was booms coming from the ground at night around the Ontario region of Canada all the way to New York. This post is from 2016, but if you look they have been going on for a lot longer. News agencies have said everything from fireworks to testing explosions, to jets flying by. How can all these Mysterious booms be heard all over the Eastern region and always a excuse with no proof?

He shows Thomas a simple google search.

This is all the Booms I recorded in 2014.

All these spots were either called kids with fireworks, an accident or jets flying by. He looks at the man with a suspended look on his face. Can you not see it? Thomas sits back in the chair and reads over the information again.

And this is from this year alone.

He gets up walks out of the room as Thomas looks at the screen. You can believe it or not, I am not sticking around to see if I am right. I am heading to more higher ground, I would advise you do the same.  Look I have always trusted you, but people will laugh at me if I try to print this. Steve are you listening? 

He walks out of the office and heads to his truck. He stops by a payphone and calls Dylan again. Brother grab what you can, this is a emergency, grab Chandra and your guns, we need to be ready for anything. He hangs up the phone and jumps back in and drives towards the abandoned cabin his brother and him found while tripping out in the woods. 

Dylan shows up with his girlfriend and Mami, this cute Japanese friend of Chandra's. The girls brought food and beers and proceeded to light a camp fire and roast marshmallows. So let me get this straight, a Earthquake is coming that will do all that you say will do, and you think this will happen because they suspended your Facebook and Youtube accounts? Chandra laughs. You do post some crazy stuff, maybe they were tired of your shit also. 

Didn't you read it? He looks at Chandra. No I don't follow you, you are always posting those negative stories about the world. It was bringing me down. I can still be friends on social media without me having anything to do with your conspiracies. Look they are not com... Wait do you hear that? No, they say. It sounds like a helicopter, quick put out the fire. They start laughing, man calm down you are losing it. Okay he says as he sits down with a nervous laugh. Maybe I am getting ahead of myself. Mami screams as her marshmallow lights on fire, the girls quickly rush to put it out when a helicopter comes up over the hill and shines a spotlight on their camp. Do not move, comes a voice from a speaker on the helicopter. We have thermal imaging and a team circling you now. The girls panic and the marshmallow hits the ground. Steve looks at Dylan with a expression of fuck. There is no where to run, the place is small and they are trapped like rats in a cage.

Chapter 2 The Awakening

Captain Wilder was use to following orders, use to doing the bidding of his superiors without question. That is why they always had chosen him to do the dirty work. His job was to destroy secrets, to hide the dirty trails his governments leaves in their wake. He was very good at his job, for most of it anyways. Over the last few years he has been doing some work that even he questions. He feels there is something they are not telling him, and the more he eliminates his superiors enemies, the less he knows. He is getting a picture in his mind, he sees the movement of high class people and whole military bases moved to Northern Canada. The excuse was monitoring the environment and Russia's attempts at taking the arctic. Both stories he laughed at inside. This right here is another example of those weird occurrences. It was made top priority to find and capture some guy in a small island in the West Coast of Canada without the Canadian Armed Forces finding out. It was easy, yet still questionable. What does this person have, and why does a Dr Collin Kerpatrick need to see him first before we eliminate him. And what does this guy know to get such attention? 

Captain, the pilot says over the headphones. We found four people, two men and two women. We are touching down a half a mile down. You won't need to hurry, we have a drone monitoring them. Half a mile? Sorry Sir, this is the best place we can land, unless you want to jump? No, take me down. I could use the walk. The helicopter lands and Wilder and three grunts make a path towards the area. As they walk he pulls out his cellphone and does a quick google search of the name Steven Ashton and finds nothing. Looks like they already have taken his fingerprint off the net. When he reaches the top he finds all four already in cuffs. The girls we holding strong and one of them was yelling about his rights, ha, what rights. 

Listen I don't know what you want, I only posted something on Facebook... I don't care what you did, the captain says. I am Captain Franklin Wilder of the US Military and you are under arrest. All of you.
Wait, they didn't know anything, Steve shouts. This is my fault, I am the one who posted about the Earthquake. What did you say as Franklin gives him a quick stare. The grunt at the side grabs his riffle and slams the butt against the guys head, knocking him out. What the hell did you do that for private? Orders Sir, they are not aloud to speak. His friends try to help him as the men lift them up and lead them down to the helicopter. We better make this quick, I know the Canadian military has lost most its funding, they are still as quick as ever. The prisoners are gagged and loaded. We will take them to Obama's summer camp until the questioning is over. Is there somewhere you want to be dropped off Sir? It would be our pleasure. No, I will make sure the prisoners and dealt with and catch a ride from there, thanks men for another amazing job. Steven slowly wakes up. He feels something in his mouth, and his chest is strapped. He sees the ground start to lift as he whips his head up in fright, only to pass out again from his head wound. 

Steve wakes up in a cold cell alone. His head is pounding, he feels crusted blood stuck to the side of his face. They didn't even have the decency to clean him up. His cell was simple, just a toilet. Which the water was somewhat clean. He flushed a couple times before rinsing his wound in the toilet. Feeling even colder he sits back on the cot, trying to reflect what brought him to this moment. It was his curiosity, his boredom and stupid hobbies. Why didn't he watch porn or instagram like everyone else. Why didn't he spend his time posting pictures of kittens and quotes. Look what happened. I am probably sitting in Guantanamo getting ready to be waterboarded all because I took an interest in Earthquakes and fucking Volcanoes. He remembers his brother and the girls. I know the girls can kick ass he thinks, my brother on the other hand can't take this. The poor boy is probably all ready cracked and confessing to killing JFK. Poor bastard. He hears the sound of the cells opening from time locks, and faint set of footsteps in the hall. He knows the sound of military boots on hard ground from years of Navy Cadets. Something he was tossed out for no lack of conviction. Subordinate and did not handle authority. Fuck them he thinks. A young man with tanned skin comes to his cell with a tray of food and some water. Steve tries to ask if he can speak to someone in charge, however the young man pays him no attention. Steve looks at the kids badge and sees the words CAMP DELTA, remembering it to be the name of Guantanamo Bay. Fuck he thinks, I am so fucked.

 Captain Wilder sits at a computer desk borrowed from one of the workers in the base. Most of the prisoners are in Prayer, as he can hear their calls to Allah, their voice echoing off empty walls. He does a quick search of Dr Collin Kerpatrick to find he is a seismologist professor and a leader in his field.He goes to hit his Youtube page when the screen gives him a 404 file not found.

He tries to refresh back when the screen says access denied. The phone rings right beside him. Wilder, the helicopter should be arriving any moment. Take Kerpatrick to the prisoner and make sure he gets out right away. We need him out of there and other places as quick as you can. Yes Sir, Franklin says. And Captain, are you looking for something? No sir! Just seeing who this man was that's all. Good, it is none of your business who he is. Don't even talk with him. Do your job as required. Yes sir (Asshole). He hangs up the phone, and decides that he really needs to talk with that guy. I wonder if I can make it to the conference room before he gets there. All four of them should be waiting in separate cells right beside the main room. If I can just get to him quick. As he stands he feels a sharp twist in the ground, as if the world just stopped for a moment. The lights swayed from the shaking that only lasted a moment. The other guy in the office looks at the Captain and proceeds to tell him not to worry. They have been happening almost everyday for the last few months. It's nothing. Nothing Franklin thinks as he leaves the room, he did say something about Earthquakes.

Chapter Three 
Step on a Crack Break your Mothers Back

Mami was sitting in the waiting room cell. She was scared as she was reminded of her Grandfathers stories on how they moved to Salt Spring Island buying land for the family, only to have it taken away and them thrown in internment camps during WW1. She was strong, she had  lived with four brothers and knew how to handle the lot. Most of the time, they left with black eyes and bleeding noses if they messed with her.
This however felt different. She was locked in a cell for no reason and nobody was telling her anything. Stuck with stories that scared her as a child. She moved to Canada when she was a child, hoping to see if he family could reclaim some of their lost property, only having to move back to Japan five years later after endless red tape after red tape. Her Father could not find steady work to support the family as he dealt with the Canadian courts. They eventually won a small piece of property back and a out of court settlement. She moved back to Salt Spring fours years earlier, only to witness the people who stole her families property name over her Grandparents land. Mouat's Park, same name as the hardware store. She understood that the people around her are not to blame, this was done long ago and to hold any anger would be just hurtful to ones soul. Just as her family suffers from it, she did not want to be the same. Now those thoughts fall back as she sits in this cold room with its cold bars. No sun, just a humming white bright light. All of a sudden she feels the room shake around her. She remembers that feeling living in Japan. This was a big tremor. Dust falls on her as the ceiling starts to crack. This prison was not built for this, she thinks. 

Captain Wilder was discussing to the guard how it was a matter of National Security to interrogate the witnesses, and how he has the authorization to do it. Sir I was told no one was aloud to talk with them, unless it was the Doctor. This is from Top Brass Sir. You have no authority. The guard grabs his radio and proceeds to call it in. As he hits the radio another tremor hits, this one bigger than the last. He takes the opportunity to punch the guard, and knock him out. His fists were weapons from years of boxing training. He wanted to escape his town anyway he could, even if it meant smashing a few heads around to do it. He grabbed they keys and locked the guard to the cell. Taking the gun with him. He knew what he was doing was stupid, how could he trust this man and his words. He just didn't trust the people he was working with even less, and he has his family to think about. He might not see them as much being a full time military soldier, that didn't stop him from loving them. He grabbed the keys as he opened the door to Steven's cell. Steve was sitting there with wet hair, wiping the dust out of his eyes from the collapsing ceiling.

What were you talking about when you mentioned Earthquakes? I said I just posted it to social media, I didn't do any crime, why am I here? No what do you know, what did you post? A Earthquake is about to happen that will tear America apart, literally. When is this suppose to happen? I don't know, I don't think anyone knows. All I know is that we are at the highest peak of danger ever recorded on the Ring of Fire. Another earthquake hits, this one much larger. Steve rushes past Franklin out into the waiting room hall. Help get my friends out, this place is breaking apart. Yes, yea hold on. Franklin walks over and opens Dylan's cell. Hurry up Franklin says's, we have to get to higher ground in case a Tsunami hits. Shit Steve says, I didn't think of that. He goes over to the next cell as opens the door, Mami is standing against the back wall looking at the ceiling. Hurry up he says we need to get you out. As she jumps off the cot and out of the room the ceiling collapses with the side of the building. Dylan, Mami, Steve and Franklin run to open the last door, only to find it buried with rubble. Dylan starts to cry as he tries to grab a hand that was sticking out. Franklin grabbed him and rushed him down the hallway. We need to get out before anything more happens, there is nothing we can do now. Hurry up now. Tears rolling down Dylan's eyes he feels nothing as he makes his way out the hallway. He wanted to marry her.

The building shakes as they rush to make it out. Dylan is dragging himself, almost giving up. It took a lot of energy to drag him out, Steve was getting tired. You will not give up brother he yells. This way the Captain yells, Steve follows him down a twisted broken maze. Hell for the inmates that might never find peace, buried in this tomb. They pass a group of people killed by the falling lobby as they make it out of the building. Over on the right, Franklin sees the chopper that was used to bring the Doctor, I wonder if that was him in the lobby. I guess we won't know now. He jumps in and starts the helicopter. We have enough gas to make it back to America, how far do we have to go to escape this? Taking into account Volcanoes erupting and air currents, we need to find stable ground past the rocky mountains. That entire area will fall unto itself. Saskatchewan is high and flat country, maybe up north where there is wildlife. We will never make it to Saskatchewan, where ever the fuck that is with what we have left in fuel. We can get to Florida but that's it. Dylan looks out the window when he notices a large wave coming towards them. Guys he screams, as Mami jumps in and buckles up. He points to the wall of water coming towards them. Hurry the fuck up! Franklin gets it started, hurry up everybody was yelling. This isn't a fucking Cadillac, shut up. It takes a moment to warm up. Mami lifts he feet to the dash of the Helicopter waiting to embrace the impact when the helicopter starts to lift off. Holy shit we are going to make it, Steven yells. AS Franklin lifts the helicopter, a line snags the carriage of the landing brace. The helicopter rocks back, as it starts to get dragged by the waters current. Reverse it, reverse it, Dylan screams as he sees the problem through the window. Franklin flies it in reverse and breaks away from the broken power lines and freeing them from the wave that was sweeping straight across Cuba. How far in America Steve says as he looks to the Captain? Florida. With a squeak in Steve's voice he repeats Florida? Yes. Oh shit, we need to find a better way to get out. No shit Sherlock.

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