Monday, January 6, 2014

Let's us Talk About Fukushima...

Since March 2011 we have been hearing many reports on the Fukushima disaster. From viral videos screaming fear and doom to fluff pieces stuck on denial. One extreme to another. What do we know? Well we know that the problem hasn't been fixed. We are still experiencing conflicting reports from TEPCO on the dangers, and 300 tons (71,895 gallons/272,152 liters) are pouring into the sea each day, enough to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool every eight days. According to a report by the French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety, that initial breakdown caused "the largest single contribution of radionuclides to the marine environment ever observed." Some of that early release actually was intentional, because TEPCO reportedly had to dump 3 million gallons of water contaminated with low levels of radiation into the Pacific to make room in its storage ponds for more heavily contaminated water that it needed to pump out of the damaged reactors so that it could try to get them under control.

Here in Canada, where I live. All radiation readings have been shut off right after the incident in Fukushima. I still don't understand the reasoning for this, however our fearless science oppressor (The Harper Government) is well known for abolishing all forms of scientific knowledge How the Harper Government Committed a Knowledge Massacre 

Now TEPCO said that radiation levels in its groundwater observation hole on the east side of the turbine buildings had reached 310 becquerels per liter for cesium-134 and 650 becquerels per liter for cesium-137. That marked nearly a 15-fold increase from readings five days earlier, and exceeded Japan’s provisional emergency standard of 60 becquerels per liter for cesium radiation levels in drinking water. (Drinking water at 300 becquerels per liter would be approximately equivalent to one year’s exposure to natural background radiation, or 10 to 15 chest X-rays, according to the World Health Organization. And it is far in excess of WHO’s guideline advised maximum level of radioactivity in drinking water, 10 becquerels per liter.) 

Tepco has cut the trees down now, to make room for 1,000 huge metal storage tanks. They hold more than 360,000 tonnes of radioactive water, enough to fill 140 Olympic swimming pools. The volume rises every day. Over the next three years, Tepco wants to add storage for another 270,000 tonnes of radioactive wastewater. Ultimately, the water must be returned to the Pacific. There is nowhere else for it to go. 

So what is truth from fiction? That is getting harder to tell. Many youtube videos are screaming the end of the world, myself I have been told I should be dead right now because I live so close to the jet stream. I have even lost some great friends because I questioned their fear tactics on sharing information. We do know that the polluted water will be arriving on the West Shores this year, we just don't know what the readings will be. So I have come up with my own solution...

This is a map of the tsunami waste, not a water current report.

 I am a gardener, landscaper and dreamer and builder of sustainable living and a surfer. I live and work in the West Coast of Sidney BC Canada and spend my days working with the land. I have spent my life in the pursuit of helping the people and the lands of this beautiful home we call Earth and right now I am like many seeking to find truth with the Fukushima disaster.  Each and everyday I am reading falsified information, fear tactics and bogus stories to sell adsense while bringing in inclusive tests on the radiation reading around our world. I have a wife and 4 children, a 12 year old daughter and 5 grand kids who need to know if their home and environment is safe to live and play in. As do most of you. With the help of my friend Shahee Warner and Karlos Detreaux we want to build a data center to monitor the area from Tofino BC Canada, Sidney and Victoria all the way to Hawaii. And even more if you are willing to jump on board to create the largest private funded monitoring system. 

What we are looking for is help to buy two Inspector Geiger counters, two sets of Geiger soft software, a used laptop (If one is willing to donate a working one we can forget the cost) and if we reach over then we can get a camera for a weekly youtube/blog informative session. 

Now if you would like to help or donate or even share this so we can get the best information we can that would be great. I like a few others are tired of the lies and false information. Together we can find out the truth.

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